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18 Short Stacked Wedge Haircuts You’re About to See Everywhere

18 Short Stacked Wedge Haircuts You’re About to See Everywhere

Much like a bob or pixie cut, the wedge haircut is short and layered, most often cut shorter at the nape and longer near the face. Layers at the crown enhance volume and create body, which makes it the perfect short hairstyle for those with fine or thin hair. This customizable haircut can be worn in various forms and you can tweak it in any way it suits you.

Check out the most chic contemporary variations of the short stacked wedge haircut.

1. Classic Wedge Haircut


If you have straight to wavy hair, styling a wedge haircut is simple with the right products. Use some styling cream, then simply run a hairdryer through your locks, and it’s done!

2. Edgy Wedge Haircut


With wispy ends and bold bangs, this haircut has a futuristic edge. The short layers at the back add volume and breathe life into fine hair.

3. Micro Bob Wedge


This haircut falls somewhere between the wedge cut and the trendy micro bob and has a laid-back, chill vibe perfect for the summer.

4. Wedge Haircut With Bangs


While the shape of a wedge cut with bangs can sometimes look too severe, this style with choppy layers in the back and textured fringe is so fun and youthful.

5. Short Stacked Wedge Haircut


This neat and stylish wedge cut is a bit on the longer side, allowing you to showcase the texture of your hair. Pretty and manageable.

6. Tousled Wedge Haircut


Let’s face it: an overly styled wedge haircut is a thing of the past. However, a tousled, lived-in version is right on trend.

7. Edgy Wedge Haircut With Bangs


This tousled, layered wedge cut is all about volume. Paired with icy lavender color, it’s also about attitude and style.

8. Bixie Wedge


Both the bixie and the wedge lie somewhere between the pixie and the bob, and they often overlap. With the bixie trend making a comeback, this blend of both cuts is simply perfection.

9. Textured Wedge Haircut


Adding textured layers to a wedge cut makes it more modern and edgy. Pair it with a vivid, trendy color to complete the look.

10. Subtly Stacked Wedge Haircut


Stacked layers in the back of a wedge haircut are what gives it volume, but you can go more low key and still get a full look. Ask your stylist to ease up on the graduation for this style.

11. Medium Stacked Wedge Haircut


Almost a bob, this longish wedge cut is subtle and chic. If you want to make it more lived-in, give it a casual tousle during the day.

12. Bouncy Wedge Haircut


Despite its short length, a wedge cut is versatile and can be worn in different ways. A voluminous blowout will transform it into a bouncy, flowy beauty.

13. Stacked Wedge Haircut


For fine hair, stacked layers in the back make all the difference. They remove the excess bulk that weighs down the hair and give it volume and lift.

14. French Wedge Haircut


Similar to the French bob, this wedge haircut is cut at lip level and is slightly angled. So chic!

15. Long Stacked Wedge Haircut


Longer front pieces add an edgy look to a wedge cut, but to achieve a contemporary look, avoid anything too structured. Instead, wear it tousled and not overly styled, creating a vintage ’00s vibe.

16. Soft Wedge Haircut


Understated and elegant, this soft wedge cut is clean and modern. It’s suitable for both thin and thick hair, as it removes the bulk in the back to make the hair lightweight.

17. Pixie Wedge Cut

Resembling an overgrown pixie, this cute wedge super wearable but has a bit less stacking in the back. Still, there’s just enough to give it volume and bounce.

18. Face-Framing Wedge Haircut


Thanks to the face-framing layers, this versatile cut suits all face shapes. Customize the front and the fringe to complement your features, while the stacked layers at the back will make your hair look full and thick.