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Soft Mullet Is A Low-Maintenance And Cool Style You Need To Try

Soft Mullet Is A Low-Maintenance And Cool Style You Need To Try

The mullet, an iconic hairstyle, is characterized by hair that’s shorter at the front, top, and sides, and longer at the back. While it’s undeniably cool, it might feel too edgy and bold for some. Luckily, there’s a hairstyle you can try that won’t be overwhelming, but still works wonders for texture and volume. We present you 23 ideas for a soft mullet that are simply too pretty to pass!

1. Classic Soft Mullet

Here’s proof that you don’t have to take things to the extreme with your hair to make it noticeable and beautiful. This classic soft mullet is sophisticated and feminine, and works well with any hair type and face shape.

2. Soft Mullet On Straight Hair

You’re thinking of a cool cut for your short straight hair? You cannot go wrong with this soft mullet!

3. Soft Mullet On Curly Hair

Every haircut looks more adorable and charming on curly hair. This soft mullet is proof that this statement is definitely true!

4. Soft Mullet On Wavy Hair

Does a soft mullet also suit naturally wavy hair? Oh, absolutely! Just look at this gorgeous texture and shape.

5. Men Soft Mullet

A soft mullet is a nice choice for men, too. It’s a low-maintenance cut that’s stylish enough, but isn’t overly crazy, making it suitable for everyday wear, including the office and beyond.

6. Soft Mullet With Random Highlights

Here is a gentle and feminine mullet, an ideal option if you’re looking for something graceful and unusual. In addition to the cut, this style is further adorned with random highlights.

7. Soft Mullet With Blonde Patch Hair

If you’re into something more edgy for your next hair salon visit, it would be a shame to miss out this soft mullet with blonde patch hair.

8. Soft Mullet On Short Hair

Short hair shouldn’t be an obstacle to being creative with your style. There are plenty of charming short haircuts, including this soft mullet.

9. Soft Mullet On Previously Permed Hair

Tired of your hair always looking the same—straight and somewhat lifeless? It’s time to spice things up, and there’s no better way than by going for a soft mullet on permed hair to achieve the perfect wavy look!

10. Soft Mullet With Mini Bangs

Kind of a baddie, and a lot of cool, this soft mullet isn’t for everyone. But if you’re feeling bold and ready for something different, this one is made for you!

11. Soft Mullet Before And After

Here’s a confirmation that hair really does change everything! A beautiful and massive restyle with a chic soft mullet.

12. Textured Soft Mullet

Fashionable and offering so much texture, this soft mullet is like a dream come true!

13. Blonde Soft Mullet

Every hairstyle looks more delicate, feminine, and graceful on blonde hair. This is one reason why we love it so much and are willing to work hard to achieve it! A soft mullet is another particularly pretty style on blonde hair.

14. Soft Mullet On Black Hair With Red Fringe

Up for some color? Red and black hair is always a good idea, and becomes even more bold and unique with a soft mullet!

15. Soft Mullet With Orange Inner Color

A touch of color can make your soft mullet way cooler. Here is a nice example of orange inner color that’s subtle but effective at the same time.

16. Burgundy Soft Mullet

Another wonderful way to take your soft mullet to the next level is with a burgundy hair color—a fantastic mixture of brown and purple tones that creates a unique wine-red hue.

17. Soft Mullet On Long Wavy Hair

A soft mullet is a fabulous way to restyle your long, wavy hair without cutting it too short. This choice allows you to keep the length you’ve worked hard to grow while also achieving a trendy haircut that won’t go unnoticed.

18. Soft Mullet With Blue Face-Framing Section

Blue is a color that pairs nicely with dark hair. This blue face-framing section provides just the right pop of color to make your soft mullet even more beautiful.

19. Soft Mullet X Pixie

A soft mullet and a pixie haircut together in one hairstyle has to be one of the coolest hair combinations ever!

20. Soft Mullet With Curtain Bangs

You can pair different types of bangs with a soft mullet, but curtain bangs are the most versatile, fitting all face shapes.

21. Soft Mullet On Gemini Hair

If you want to be the coolest kid in the gang, try a soft mullet with gemini hair—the awesome split-tone hair color trend.

22. Pink Soft Mullet

If you aren’t afraid of vivid colors, this pink is truly something different! Combined with a soft mullet, it offers a one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

23. Soft Mullet For Older Ladies

A soft mullet is a modern twist on a timeless retro haircut. While it’s trendy, this doesn’t mean you need to skip it if you’re not as young anymore. It flatters older ladies as well, as you can see!