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18 Practical And Pretty Waterpark Hairstyles You’ll Love

18 Practical And Pretty Waterpark Hairstyles You’ll Love

Summer isn’t really summer if you haven’t enjoyed some fun adventures on the water! If you’re heading to a waterpark, you’ll want to keep your hair off your face while still looking cute, right? To help you achieve this, we’ve gathered 18 of the cutest waterpark hairstyles that are also super practical, so you won’t have to worry about your hair for even a minute. Enjoy finding your favorite style!

1. High Bun

You don’t want anything complicated for your natural hair; you just want to style it quickly and easily into a waterpark hairstyle that doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard. In that case, here’s a basic and simple style you’re going to love – the classic high bun!

2. High Ponytail With A Scrunchie

You’re crazy about high ponytails, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the best idea to have your hair tied up tightly for the entire adventurous day ahead. You don’t want to risk a headache! To prevent this, use a scrunchie to create a looser ponytail that still keeps all of your hair in place while you enjoy the waterpark.

3. Dutch Braid

Any type of braid for your fun day at the waterpark is a great idea, and we especially love Dutch braid hairstyles. They’re not only a classic protective style but also look so charming and lovely!

4. Low Bun With A Scarf

Should you just forget about your hair looking stylish for a summer day at the waterpark? Absolutely not! You don’t even have to spend serious time styling your hair, as there are some styles that are very easy and quick but still give you a pretty look. For example, a cute scarf can spice up a basic low bun and give you a fresh and gorgeous summer look!

5. Side Braid

Braiding isn’t really your thing, and that’s why you avoid trying hairstyles that include braids? Well, you don’t have to start with a fishtail or a French braid! You can create a basic side braid without much effort and get a waterpark style whose charm lies in its simplicity.

6. Mermaid Braid

Loose and relaxed, but at the same time so romantic and gentle, a mermaid braid will make you the girl with the prettiest hairstyle in the entire waterpark!

7. Space Buns

Waterparks are all about having fun and enjoying the moment without worrying about everyday things. Therefore, besides practical, your hair should also be fun! Space buns are one of the best options to achieve exactly this!

8. Boxer Braids

Boxers have it all together with tight braids that got their name from them, and they’re also a great hairstyle to make you feel both strong and confident, and totally ready for waterpark adventures!

9. Braided Buns

Combine braids and buns into this awesome hairstyle that’s not only practical enough to make you forget you have lots of hair but also so beautiful that other girls will ask you to help them get the exact same style!

10. Top Knot

A top knot qualifies as an easy summer hairstyle because it’s done in no time and, most importantly, pulls your hair off your neck and shoulders, making the hot days a bit more bearable without having all of your hair bothering you.

11. Braided Ponytail

Combine two classic updos – a braid and a ponytail – into a super stylish, protective braided ponytail that keeps your hair out of the way and lets you enjoy your waterpark day to the fullest!

12. Bubble Ponytail

Not exactly a braid, and not a ponytail, but a hairstyle that’s so trendy and practical you’ll want to wear it even after the waterpark fun is over! You only need a couple of minutes and some elastic hair ties to create the adorable bubble braid.

13. Scarf Braid

Looking for a feminine and soft summer hairstyle for the waterpark? Here it is – it doesn’t get prettier and softer than this classic braid with a scarf woven through it!

14. Two Braids Crossed Into Pigtails

There’s nothing wrong with classic, protective waterpark hairstyles, but would you prefer a unique look that’s not something you see every day? In that case, you’re going to really like these two braids crossed into pigtails!

15. Crown Braid

This crown braid will make you the queen of fun on your waterpark day, turning it into the best part of your whole summer!

16. Two Baby Braids And Two Big Braids With A Bandana

If you have some extra time before heading to the waterpark, play with your hair and create a fun hairstyle! One way to do this is to make two baby braids in the front, two regular big braids, and spice up the whole look with a bandana.

17. Pull-Through Braid Into A Fishtail Braid

If by now you consider yourself experienced in braiding and styling your hair, here’s a gorgeous style you need to try: a pull-through braid into a fishtail braid!

18. French Braids

French braids are another timeless classic that’s easy to create and perfect for occasions like waterpark days.