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The Executive Bob Will Instantly Make You Feel Powerful

The Executive Bob Will Instantly Make You Feel Powerful

It seems like every time we scroll through our social media feeds, there’s a new version of the bob popping up. And why not? This simple haircut can become whatever you want it to be.

Case in point: the executive bob, tailored to help you feel like a boss. This polished, professional style is quiet but powerful, and more about how it’s worn than about a specific cut.

Here are some of our favorite looks to inspire you.

1. Voluminous Lob

A sleek long bob with beveled ends is a decidedly classic hairstyle, but it never looks boring. Pair it with your power suit and a mean pair of heels when you want to send out a warning that you mean business.

2. Chin-Length Bob With Side Bangs

On most days you’re the boss but sometimes you’re a rebel girl? A chin-length bob with face framing is a universal haircut that can work for any occasion depending on how you style it—it can be effortless, edgy or executive.

3. Blunt Bob With Middle Part

The executive bob is polished, but not static. Wearing it sleek is one way to exude executive energy, but you can also go for a blowout with a bit texture and still look professional.

4. Chin-Length Blunt Bob

A short, straight bob with a middle part and a bit of movement looks refined but chic. Tuck one side behind the ear to give it a relaxed look without looking any less polished.

5. Side-Parted Executive Bob

The deep side part gives this sleek and beautiful no-nonsense bob volume at the crown and a flattering face frame that will give you even more confidence.

6. No-Part Lob

For casual Fridays, you can style your lob to look more relaxed while remaining stylish. A well-cut bob with a strong outline won’t look sloppy or undone even when you wear it tousled.

7. Middle-Part Long Bob

A voluminous blowout will make your bob look softer, but avoid going too bouncy when you want an executive look. The middle part is a great way to bring back some structure to your style.

8. Sleek Bob With Long Wispy Bangs

Because it’s so minimalist, the executive bob generally doesn’t feature face framing. If you like having loose strands around your face, wispy, barely-there bangs will do the trick.

9. Long Bob With Side Part

The executive bob is all about the impression of strength: boss lady energy is powerful but not severe. There’s always a hint of cool behind the elegant, and this soft look has all of that and more.

10. Chin-Length Blunt Bob

A soft slick-back will accentuate your eyes and cheekbones and give you a cool professional look. This styling looks amazing with all hair lengths, but it’s especially striking on a chin-length bob.

11. Voluminous Short Bob

A short bob with a strong outline and no layers is versatile and flattering. It looks incredible sleek and polished or tousled and artfully disheveled.

12. Sleek Bob

Power in simplicity: a sleek bob with a middle part is understated and clean, but it’s also the sharpest, most polished look you can get.

13. Middle Part Executive Bob

Looking to make your sleek, blunt and middle-parted bob even more striking? Choose a natural but extreme color like icy platinum or midnight black.

14. Long Bob For Thick Hair

You’re fortunate enough to have thick hair but it tends to look bulky on the bottom and flat on the top? This is easily solved—ask your stylist for a strong outline with subtle internal layers that remove weight.

15. Jaw-Length Blunt Bob

A jawline-grazing blunt bob will highlight your neck and jawline and make you feel cool and powerful. You’ll need to get regular trims, but this haircut is otherwise low-maintenance.

16. Straight Bob With Middle Part

Here, soft medium brown hair color and a simple straight middle-parted bob come together to create a stunning classic look. Pairing it with red lipstick is a must!

17. Short Brown Bob

Run your fingers through your bob to slightly tousle it and make it look lived-in without making it look messy. Confident and casual.

18. Lob With Curtain Bangs

On your off days, you can play loose with your bob with bangs and style it more relaxed. Instead of a sleek blowout, apply some curl cream to damp hair to encourage any natural texture you might have.

19. Short Executive Bob

If you have fine hair, slight graduation in the back will make your bob look fuller and create a more pleasing shape.

20. A-Line Bob

The bold and edgy angled bob is a great power haircut if you want some elongation from your hairstyle. The longer front pieces will frame your face and make your features appear sharper.