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50 Ashy Brown Hair Balayage Looks With A Cool Girl Vibe

50 Ashy Brown Hair Balayage Looks With A Cool Girl Vibe

Gleaming gold and molten caramel might be the classic choice of brunette shades for the fall, but there’s always something so high fashion about cool tones. Ashy brown hair balayage is chic and sophisticated, creating a pampered, model-off-duty look that confirms you’re effortlessly stylish.

These cutting edge ideas will show you how to get the look.

1. Dark Brown Hair With Ashy Balayage


This magnificent dye job is a stunning example of ashy brunette balayage done right. The work is seamless and the colors match flawlessly, so it looks natural.

2. Ashy Rose Balayage On Light Brown Hair


A cool-toned brunette balayage is one of the most coveted hair looks because it can be hard to achieve and the end result—when done right—is as spectacular as this.

3. Ashy Brown Hair Balayage


You have a warm skin tone, but you want to be an ashy brunette? Don’t insist on going too ashy, because it will make your complexion look washed out. Instead, ask for neutral-toned highlights, which will look cool next to your warm skin without making it look dull.

4. Ashy Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair


Mushroom brown has been on-trend for a while now because it’s easy to wear and looks sophisticated. Plus, this balayage with dark roots? It’s all about that low-maintenance.

5. Medium Ashy Brown Hair Balayage


One of the advantages of cool shades is that they fade more slowly compared to warm colors. On the other hand, they tend to turn brassy. All colors have their pros and cons, so pick your poison.

6. Dark Ash Gray Brown Balayage


Ashy brown balayage is a chic and sexy way to include graying hair into your look. By incorporating the gray strands into your highlights instead of covering them up, they go from a hassle to a low-maintenance look.

7. Hazelnut Ashy Brown Hair Balayage


You don’t need to make a big, dramatic change to spice up your look. A barely-there ombre balayage can be a fun way to add some excitement to your hair without going all-out.

8. Light Ashy Brown Hair Balayage


Soft highlights gently intertwine throughout the curls, enhancing their shape. This warmer variant of ashy brunette is especially flattering for those with neutral and warm skin tones.

9. Ashy Brown Highlights On Black Hair


Give your natural color a lift with cool highlights blended into your base, creating movement and dimension.

10. Ashy Brown Hair Balayage With Money Pieces


A face-framing money piece can take your entire look to the next level. In fact, you can go easy on everything else and still have a gorgeous color.

11. Ash Brown Hair With Almond Balayage


This soft ash shade is charming but elevated—a natural yet stylish look with lots of dimension.

12. Cool Caramel Balayage On Ashy Brown Hair 


Unleash the chic potential of medium ash brunette with subtle highlights that infuse dimension and charisma.

13. Ashy Brown Balayage For Warm Skin Tones


A neutral-toned balayage will look warm on cool-toned hair and next to a cool-toned complexion. It’s a great way to add some warmth without looking orange, which can happen if you use a too-warm hue.

14. Ashy Balayage On Brown Hair


This medium ashy brunette shade combines girl-next-door charm with a stylish twist, offering a natural yet dimensional appearance.

15. Cool Light Brown Highlights


If your base is black, choose medium rather than light ashy brown highlights if you’re going for a natural look. If you prefer something more dramatic, you can even go platinum.

16. Brown Highlights On Black Hair


Elevate your entire look with a subtle balayage that lets the face-framing strands take center stage.

17. Ashy Mushroom Brown Highlights


The popular mushroom brown is a favorite thanks to its natural and soft yet head-turning appearance.

18. Brown Hair With Ashy Balayage


Balayage with dark roots is the most low-maintenance look there is, especially if you know how to keep your highlights fresh. Blue or purple shampoo against brassiness once a week and gentle, hydrating products will go a long way.

19. Ashy Blond Balayage On Light Brown Hair


When you have light brown hair, it’s easy to tip into blonde even when you don’t want to. Fine ashy babylights and subtle money pieces create a multidimensional look that’s still decidedly brown.

20. Ashy Balayage On Dark Brown Hair


This is more dark gray than brunette—a shade that looks simple but takes some work to create. Achieving this perfect blend of ash and brown demands the expertise of a skilled colorist, so do your homework and review their portfolio before booking your appointment.

21. Ash Gray Babylights On Brown Hair


Highlights can work wonders for your hair: they illuminate it and add depth, and give you a completely different look.

22. Ashy Blonde Balayage On Dark Brown Hair


Can someone with a warm skin tone pull off ashy brunette? Sure! Slightly warmer highlights near the face and ash everywhere else will give you the chic ash brown that still suits your coloring.

23. Ashy Purple Balayage On Brown Hair


Adding a touch of purple to ash brown is a subtle way to infuse a pop of vibrant color into your hair. It’s trendy, but understated—and sooo pretty!

24. Ashy Balayage On Light Brown Hair


If your natural brunette is looking a little dull, but you’re not ready for a big change, subtle highlights can give you just enough of a change to keep things interesting.

25. Ash Balayage On Dark Brown Hair


Hair dye is magic because whether you go for a complete transformation or a subtle enhancement, you’ll always end up with a new look. This low-key balayage is barely noticeable, but it makes a huge difference.

26. Cool-Toned Brown Highlights


This lovely medium ash brown shade will suit you if you have warm skin undertones. The highlights would look cool, but wouldn’t clash with your complexion.

27. Ashy Balayage On Medium Brown Hair


This stunning balayage, combining the beauty of ash brown with natural roots, is a match made in hair heaven. Plus, it will keep evolving as it grows, looking fantastic for months.

28. Cool-Toned Highlights On Medium Brown Hair


Carefully placed face-framing highlights create a rich, dreamy effect that won’t look any less stylish if you miss a salon appointment. Or three.

29. Ash Mushroom Brown Hair


This mushroom ashy brown blends natural softness and artful precision, creating a look that seems uniform but has lots of dimension.

30. Brown Hair With Milktea Balayage


Milktea brown is one of the prettiest light brunette shades, and the best thing about it is that it looks lovely on nearly everyone.

31. Ash Brown Balayage On Long Hair


Growing your hair long requires care and effort. Overprocessing causes damage and leads to cuts instead of trims, so choosing a color that can be achieved without too much bleach is a step in the right direction.

32. Ashy Mushroom Brown Hair


Ashy, mushroom, beige—this look contains all the cool shades of brown, but it’s not just cool: it’s playful and complements neutral skin tones beautifully.

33. Light Ash Highlights On Dark Brown Hair


Lightening the hair only from mid-length to tips with ash brown highlights adds dimension to dark hair while keeping it low-maintenance.

34. Ashy Highlights On Brown Hair


These low-contrast highlights are a low-key way to embrace ash brunette: they make an impact without being too obvious.

35. Hazelnut Brown Balayage


Doesn’t this cool medium brown look natural? It’s not; but it’s a good example of the effects that can be achieved if you choose the right shade for your hair.

36. Ashy Medium Brown Balayage


Insta-worthy ashy brown balayage. Flawless.

37. Medium Cool-Toned Balayage On Dark Hair


Embrace a fun, fresh cool brown look that works on warm skin by getting a balayage that’s slightly less ashy than someone with a cool skin tones can pull off.

38. Ashy Brown Balayage On Black Hair


High-contrast highlights will never go unnoticed, especially when they’re as different from the base as this ashy balayage on black hair.

39. Seamless Ashy Brown Balayage


Smooth, pretty, elegant—this seamless balayage is dreamy!

40. Face-Framing Ashy Brown Hair Balayage


You don’t need a major overhaul for a fresh look; an ombre balayage adds fun to your hair without going all-in.

41. Dark Ash Brown Balayage


Dark ash brown balayage has the depth of the popular caramel brown hair with highlights, but with a cool-toned twist.

42. Expensive Ash Brown


Expensive brunette is on everyone’s fall hair color wish list right now. It’s a neutral shade that tends to skew a little warm—make it more cool-toned with subtle ashy highlights.

43. Honey Ash Brown Highlights


A classic medium brunette will never go out of style. It has a mixture of cool and warm hues so flatters every skin tone, and looks sophisticated on everyone.

44. Ash Gray Brown Balayage


This creamy silver brunette shade is all shine and dimension. The seamless blending makes it long-lasting and easy to care for.

45. Smokey Ash Brown Balayage


While this gray-brown hue might not be dramatic, it’s definitely eye-catching. The matte finish makes it chic and unique.

46. Chestnut Ashy Brown


Dark brown hues often have warm undertones, and even cooler shades need some warmth to keep them from looking flat, like this chestnut brown shade proves.

47. Light Ash Brown Balayage


You want low-maintenance hair? You can’t go wrong with natural roots with lighter strands from the mid-lengths to ends and highlights near the face.

48. Rose Ash Brown Balayage


A touch of reddish brown brings a glow to the skin and warmth to the hair—just make sure to pick a shade that doesn’t clash with your base color.

49. Ashy Lavender Money Pieces On Dark Hair


Add some color to your cool ashy balayage with a couple of money pieces. Lavender pairs well with the ashy base, but you can choose any color you like.

50. Contrasting Ash Brown Highlights


Highlights are doing their job here: highlighting the gorgeous waves while making the hair look fuller, thanks to all the texture they add.