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Top 40 Shoulder-Length Hairstyles With Bangs To Try In 2024

Top 40 Shoulder-Length Hairstyles With Bangs To Try In 2024

Shoulder-length hair with bangs is timeless and will never go out of style. Because of its incredible versatility, you can style it in a truly endless number of ways.

This hairstyle comes with a superpower: it can highlight your best facial features and conceal those that make you feel insecure. Now, it’s time to choose your new haircut that will make you feel good in your skin.

1. Curly Hair With Bangs

When I look at this picture, all that comes to mind is natural beauty. Some women aren’t fans of their natural curls but trust me, once you learn to love and embrace your curls, you’ll find out what true confidence is.

2. Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs

No matter the age, the face shape or facial features, this hairstyle can make any woman look good and stylish.

3. Shaggy Lob With Curtain Bangs

If your hair isn’t in best shape and condition, I sincerely recommend you try a shaggy lob. The lob-length will make your hair look healthier and the choppy layers will add texture and volume. Of course, curtain bangs are the icing on the cake that will frame it all together.

4. Textured Lob With Micro Bangs

If eyebrows are one of your best facial features, definitely consider getting a micro fringe to accentuate them.

5. Blunt Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

So simple, yet so elegant. These are two adjectives our hair likes the most. And the golden-wheat blonde color makes this entire hairstyle look so glamorous.

6. Curled Lob With Curtain Bangs

You already have curtain bangs? Great, now you only need to curl a few sections of your hair and you will get a fashionable hairstyle perfect for any occasion. It’s simple math: curled hair + curtain bangs = perfection!

7. 90s Face-Framing Layers With Bangs

These 90s face-framing, blowout layers with layered side bangs suit everyone. They are a perfect choice for businesswomen and politicians females that need formal and elegant hairstyles.

8. Messy Hair With Curtain Bangs

Some might say that this is just an everyday look but I believe that this look is suitable for any occasion. Messy hair provides an ‘effortless yet stylish’ effect while the curtain bangs give a soft and gentle look.

9. Textured Lob With French Bangs

If you’re a fan of blunt fringes but want to keep them thicker, you should do French bangs. They also have a natural face-framing effect that will enhance your best facial features.

10. Scandinavian Hairline Technique With Choppy Bangs

If you’re on TikTok, there is no way you haven’t seen this viral hair-coloring technique. It’s a partial bleaching method that consists of soft, light highlights applied to the hairline. It’s perfect for blondes who are seeking new ways to refresh their color.

11. Split Dye With Bottleneck Bangs

If you want to jump on the ‘trending’ bus while maintaining your individuality, this hairstyle is the right one for you. Split dye will definitely make you stand out and adding the amazing bottleneck bangs will bring your eyes into the spotlight.

12. Shullet With Baby Bangs

The shullet hairstyle is designed for those ladies who can’t decide between a shag and a mullet. This way you’ll get a softer look and be able to keep the length of your hair.

13. Copper Dipped Shag With Cropped Bangs

Cropped bangs and a colorful, fun shag is a kind of hairstyle that really has the power to make any woman look younger.

14. Butterfly Cut

The butterfly haircut is made for all the gentle ladies who still feel and want to look young. Besides, this cut allows you to keep the length of your hair because it only removes unwanted weight.

15. Pink Feathered Cut With Bettie Bangs

If you want to achieve a gentle look, you should consider a soft pink hair color. The feathered cut also paints a warmer picture and bettie bangs are there to spice things up a bit.

16. Micro Into Bottleneck Bangs

If you’re one of those lucky gals that has an oval face shape, check out bottleneck bangs. Also, if you like your eyebrows, combine bottleneck with micro length to frame and emphasize the center of your forehead.

17. Layered Shag With Bangs

Layered shaggy lob, layered bangs… All I can say is the more layers, the more hair movement and volume.

18. 60s Flip Lob With Micro Bangs

Do you remember these ’60s flip bobs and lobs? Well, they’re back in the game! Tip from a professional: pair this hairstyle with Bettie or micro bangs.

19. Korean Bangs

The Korean airy or see-through bangs are going viral, and it seems they won’t be easily cast aside. I even recommend them if you have low-density hair because they boost volume and make your hair appear fuller.

20. Silver Hair With Wispy Bangs

Go and ask any hairdresser and you will get the same answer, shoulder-length hair with bangs is the best hairstyle for women over 50! It doesn’t require too much effort and it radiates a youthful effect.

21. Wavy Shag With Parted Bangs

You’re a wavy girl and your main concern is how to style your hair? Then just get a shag cut and you’ll always have perfectly styled hair. Oh, and these parted bangs are a great way to let your curls stand out.

22. Dark Lob With Bettie Bangs

Bettie bangs are only for bold women, those who aren’t afraid to pull off such an extreme hairstyle. However, it’s a fact they best suit women with an oval face shape.

23. Blonde Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts are tailored for women with wider, more angled jawlines because this haircut softens that part of the face and makes it look slimmer.

24. Wet Curls With Shaggy Bangs

Kylie Jenner

Whether you need a low-maintenance everyday hairstyle or something for a special event, wet curls will be your savior. The best part is that you don’t have to go to a salon to get this hairstyle; you can easily create it at home by yourself.

25. Feathered Layers With Wispy Bangs

If you need even more volume than simple layers can give your hair, try feathered layers. You’ll notice how your hair almost instantly gets volume and bounce.

26. Lob With Long Bangs

Just look how wonderfully this long curtain fringe frames the sides of the face. It’s the perfect choice for women with a round face shape because it draws attention to the bottom half and makes the entire face look slimmer.

27. Curly Hair With Wavy Bangs

Even though some people would disagree, women with naturally curly hair can pull off any type of bangs. Look how wonderfully these wavy bangs pair with curls and make the entire look softer.

28. Mullet With Piecey Baby Bangs

The shoulder-length mullet is an old-school, low-maintenance hairstyle with a modern twist that suits everyone. And these piece-y baby bangs are the ideal way to make your beautiful eyes pop.

29. Golden Blonde Lob With Birkin Bangs

Golden is one of the most natural-looking blonde hues, so I would recommend it to everyone who is thinking about going blonde. Birkin bangs suit all face shapes, and they work great with flat, fine hair.

30. Brunette Balayage With Side Bangs

If you think you have a big forehead, here is a good idea how to hide a part of it and make it look smaller. Oh yes, it’s almost impossible not to notice how beautiful this brunette balayage is.

31. Pink Shag With Curtain Bangs

Pink for the youthful effect, shag for the effortless look, and curtain bangs to frame it all together in the best possible way.

32. Straight Lob With Asymmetrical Bangs

Reese Witherspoon

Because of its relaxed and uneven length, asymmetrical bangs work with all kinds of hairstyles and they flatter every face shape.

33. Soft-Textured Lob With Parted Bangs

If you’re bored with your straight hair and want to add some movement to it, then soft textures are the ideal option for you. It adds volume to your hair and makes it appear a bit thicker.

34. Messy Shag & Chewy Bangs

For all those women who like to sleep in and don’t have time to get ready for work or school: get a messy shag. Trust me, you’ll thank me later because you’ll get an effortless yet very stylish haircut.

35. Razor Cut With Long Bangs

A razor cut works both for straight and curly hair types. It makes straight hair look thicker by adding some texture and it can tame curly, voluminous hair with layers.

36. Lilac-Silver Lob With Waterfall Bangs

Waterfall bangs are often confused with curtain bangs and it makes sense because they’re very similar. However, waterfall bangs are softer and work best with middle-parted hair.

37. Tousled Lob With Curtain Bangs

The main goal of a tousled cut is to provide movement to hair. Your hair will seem healthier and a lot thicker.

38. Dimensional Brunette With Layers And Curtain Bangs

This stunning hair color is best suited for women with a warmer skin tone. It’s clear that shags and curtain bangs are a match made in heaven because the way they complete one another is simply amazing.

39. Flat Bob With Swoop Bangs

If you want a sleek hairstyle, you should definitely think about this one. It’s not a classic everyday look and if you have a special event and need a hairstyle, this look will grab everyone’s attention.

40. Wavy Hair With Layered Bangs

If you have fine hair, pay attention because you’re about to get the best tip about making your hair look thicker. Get layered bangs to increase the volume and beach waves to give the hair a bouncy look.