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35 Baddie Curly Hairstyles For The Baddest Gals Of 2024

35 Baddie Curly Hairstyles For The Baddest Gals Of 2024

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These baddie curly hairstyles are specifically reserved for the baddest gals who aspire to become viral Insta baddies.

Your baddie attitudes, makeup skills, and lifestyles cannot be complete without baddie curly hairstyles. Are you ready to become a fierce, confident girl everyone talks about on their feeds? Hell, yes!

1. Messy Baddie Curly Hairstyle

Let’s get one thing straight. 4B curls are baddie by default and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to tame them. A messy curly hairstyle will bring out the best in your curls and your baddie look!

2. Galactic Purple Baddie Hairstyle For Short Hair

If you aren’t ready for trending galaxy hair that combines purple, blue, and magenta-colored hues, this gorgeous galactic purple will simplify your decision-making! I must say that of all dyed curly hair ideas, this is my favorite.

3. Cornrow Braids In A Messy Bun

Because messy is the new neat! Cornrow braids in a messy bun will make you look like an absolute badass queen. WARNING: You shouldn’t keep your cornrows in for longer than 6 weeks to avoid hair breakage, dryness, and tangling.

4. Half-Up Half-Down Baddie Curly Hairstyle

I like to call this popular curly hairstyle the “baddie fountain of youth” because it gives you a mini facelift without compromising your baddie look. Perfection.

5. Baddie Cornrow Braids With A Bun

Ready to take your cornrow braids to the next level? These striking cornrow braids with a bun will not only awaken your inner baddie but also prevent hair breakage and moisture loss. 

6. Black Curls With The Striking Shades Of Red

Combining contrasting colors (read: color blocking) has been all the rage as of late. I daresay that red shades combined with black are specifically reserved for the baddies (or those who feel like one).

7. Purple Haze Color Blocking Waves

Are you ready to become a B.U.B? Bold. Unique. Baddie. Be careful, because becoming a B.U.B comes with a warning: this color-blocking combo is not for those who aren’t ready to be the center of attention wherever they go.

8. Baddie Curly Hairstyle With Braids And Curls

Torn between braids and curls? You don’t have to choose between the two because this baddie hairstyle will give you the best of both worlds. Sounds amazing, right?

9. Multi-Dimensional Color Blocking Red Curls

Multi-dimensional color blocking is an artistic approach to hair coloring that gives your curls depth and movement. BTW, If your baddie curls could speak, I’m sure they’d choose these astonishing shades of red.

10. Pineapple Baddie Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle will make you look like a cute baddie ready to go viral on Insta. Apart from that, the pineapple hairstyle will keep your 3C curly hair (and other types of curly wurly) frizz-free and defined.

11. Long Cornrow Braids With Curly Ends

Hello, stylish baddie! Long cornrow braids with curly ends are not only guaranteed to make you look like a fashionable baddie but also protect your long curly hair.

12. Honey Bouncy Curls For Baddie Curly Hairstyles

Here’s the secret for the bounciest curls with bangs: apply styling cream to wet hair, scrunch your curls, and diffuse them upside down. You can thank me later.

13. Slicked Back High Ponytail

Ponytail hack: Give your ponytail extra volume by teasing the base of your ponytail with a fine-tooth comb and using volumizing hairspray to lock the tease in place.

14. Baddie Retro Rainbow Waves

Hey, do you know what time it is? It’s time to change up your hair color with a trend that’s going to make a statement. I present to you Her Majesty: Rainbow Hair!

15. 4 Baddie Braids For Curly Hair

1 braid will only get you so far but 4 braids will instantly open the door of the “baddie world”. Here are the instructions:

Divide your hair into 4 sections and wrap an elastic around the 4 ponytails. Separate your hair from the first ponytail into 3 sections. Hold one section in your left hand and the right section in your right hand. Cross the right section over the middle section and then do the same for the left section. Continue alternating right and left sides until you have a few inches of hair left.

Congrats, you may enter the world of legit baddies!

16. Loose Curls With Rich Burgundy Tones

If you want to copy this hairstyle, here are a few tips: Create loose curls by wrapping large and thick strands of your hair around your curling iron. When it comes to burgundy tones, those with peach and golden skin tones should choose warmer burgundy shades. Cooler burgundy tones go best with olive, pink, or ebony complexions.

17. No-Part Baddie Curly Hairstyle

If you aim to achieve a free and flirty baddie look, a curly hairstyle without a parting will do the job: brush your wet hair towards the back using a boar bristle brush or a Denman brush. Style your curls with a curling mousse, and use hair clips to hold back your hair while drying it with a diffuser.

18. Long Twin Braids With Curly Ends

Just like 4 braids, twin braids will also make you a legit member of the “baddie crew”. Consider spicing up your hairstyle with a few braid accessories for a more personalized look.

19. 4A Curls With A Deep Side-Part

Want to add a boost of volume to your mid-length curly hair? Side-parting comes to the rescue! A deep-side part will elongate your features and make you look like an I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-trends baddie.

20. Vintage Hollywood Glam Waves

If you’re sick and tired of slicked-back wavy ponytails, then you know it’s time for Hollywood glam waves! Here’s how to achieve this baddie hairstyle: straighten your hair, and then curl each section of your hair in the same direction. Finish with a soft bristle brush and hairspray.

21. Curls With Accessorized Cornrow Braids

Stylish cornrow braids are the best solution for regrowing your curls and saving yourself from the hottest months of the year. Pro tip: consider adding extensions to your natural hair for thicker and longer braids.

22. Curly Shag For Baddie Curly Hairstyles

Textured layers and choppy ends of a curly shag help create movement and volume. The result: your curls have more shape and air to express their baddie attitude.

23. Baddie Curly Hairstyle With Sleek Middle-Part

Step 1: Separate the front sections of your hair and clip away the rest. Make sure that your part is centered, then brush the front sections down behind the ears.
Step 2: Slick down the front pieces with styling gel for a sleeker look. Tie them together in the back of your head or you can bobby pin them if your hair is too short.
Step 3: Let the rest of your curls down. Use freeze spray to lock the curls in place.

24. Dramatic Dark Blue Ombre

It’s universally acknowledged that dark blue hair color looks bold and vibrant on all skin tones and both long and short curls. If you want to be a blue baddie, I suggest going ombre to save yourself from frequent root touch-ups.

25. Baddie Bubble Braids

Put your hair up in a slicked-back ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Continue wrapping more elastics down the ponytail. (Depending on your hair thickness, you can go with one or two bubble braids.) Make sure to keep an equal distance between each bubble. Once you’re finished, use your fingers to tease and pull at each section to create “baddie bubbles”.

26. Curly Space Buns For Instagram Baddies

Space buns are playful, baddie, and always on trend. Worry not, doing this cute curly updo isn’t rocket science: part your hair into two sections to make high ponytails. Secure each with an elastic. Wrap your hair around the elastic to form a bun using bobby pins. Do the same for the second bun. Pull down some front pieces of the hair to frame your face. Congrats!

27. Bouncy Coils With Front Cornrows

Good gals wear a headband but the baddies create a headband using their hair. Bouncy coils with front cornrows, I now pronounce you the baddie-st hairstyles for mid-length curly hair (because I can)!

28. Silver Ash Balayage Waves

Who said you can’t be a baddie if you have gray hair? If you want to boost your baddie-ness, this silver ash balayage perfectly blends with your gray hair while giving you that ethereal vibe.

29. Baddie Hair With Face-Framing Pink Highlights

Highlights that are strategically placed near the front of your hair help accentuate your face. Also, they make you look like a real baddie.

30. Pineapple Hairstyle With Middle Part Braids

Exude exotic vibes by adding two middle-part braids to your pineapple hairstyle! This baddie hairstyle serves as an example that pineappling your hair doesn’t have to be one of those mundane chores.

31. Baddie Curly Hairstyle With A Silky Scarf

Silk + curls = best friends forever. Apart from looking badass, a silky scarf on curly hair is bound to reduce friction and frizz while keeping your curls moisturized.

32. Half-Up Half-Down Wavy Fountain Ponytail

A wavy fountain ponytail with Hollywood glam waves is a great way to make them look even more baddie. I suggest using hair extensions for extra baddie-ness.

33. Cowboy Copper Baddie Curly Hairstyle

The muted copper shade is the new bold copper! Cowboy copper is officially one of the coolest red shades for the fall that looks totally natural on curly hair.

34. Front Hair Clips For Cute Baddies

Cute hair clips are a godsend for curly gals who want to secure their front pieces and accentuate their baddie attitude. Are you one of those gals?

35. Baddie Cornrow Braids For Insta Baddies

Only the best baddies can rock this bold hairstyle. What are you waiting for? You better call your hair braider up for an appointment!