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Choppy Haircuts That Boost Volume And Enhance Texture

Choppy Haircuts That Boost Volume And Enhance Texture

Choppy haircuts have become one of the most frequent requests in salons, and there are a few valid reasons for that. The most important one is that they can fix even the dullest and most flat hair and breathe new life into it.

The volume, the texture, and the movement these choppy layers create are truly impressive. It exudes effortless, chic, playful, and edgy vibes and gives you a look that will not go unnoticed.

Another important reason is that choppy layers help manage frizziness and make it easier to style. Choppy cuts offer infinite ways to style your hair, and those uneven layers make sure your hairstyle lasts longer.

Types Of Choppy Haircuts

Now, it is time to learn everything there is to know about types of choppy haircuts and, of course, choose one to use as the inspiration for your next cut.

1. Choppy layers

If you are searching for a way to add volume and enhance texture to your dull, lifeless hair, there is no better way than a choppy haircut.

Of course, your hairdresser will determine what kind of choppy layers suit your hair type and how to get the perfect cut to complement your face shape.

Choppy layers will enrich your hair with dimension and volume, so you won’t ever have to worry about having a boring hairstyle. Time to leave those bad hair days in the past and let these asymmetrically cut layers make the illusion of thicker and more luscious hair.

2. Choppy layers for long hair

Choppy layers are the thing your long hair needs to feel free and lively again. This way, you’ll refresh those damaged ends and create more texture to prevent your hair from looking flat.

Choppy layers on long hair don’t just refresh the mane but completely transform it, giving it a much modish and feminine look.

These uneven layers can also give your long hair that wavy texture that radiates those lovely carefree vibes. They can also add a soft touch and take a few years down from your face.

3. Shaggy long hair with choppy layers

Pairing long shaggy hair and choppy layers will give you this stunning look. Generally speaking, shaggy hair and choppy layers are a match made in heaven, and they truly can take any hairstyle to the next level.

This cut gives off those rebellious rock vibes, and the undone texture looks so effortless but also lovely at the same time. It’s perfect for those women who like to show off their long hair but don’t have time to waste on styling it every day.

As you can see, the choppy shag cut flatters all hair types equally and can be combined with different types of bangs. Its beauty is actually in all that versatility and the amazing texture.

4. Choppy ching-length haircuts

While searching for the chin-length choppy haircut pics, I purposely chose these with younger models to prove that younger ladies can pull off this cut, too.

These sharp choppy ends give edgy but stylish vibes to this cut and make it flattering for all hair textures. The interesting chin-length combined with choppy layers will make your face appear softer and much younger.

If you want to switch it up a bit, add bangs that suit your face shape, and you’ll instantly get a unique hairstyle that will look like it’s created only for you.

5. Short shaggy bob with choppy layers

Shaggy bobs are one of my favorite cuts. Of course, when you pair it with choppy layers, the results can only be pure perfection.

Short shaggy bobs with choppy layers are ultra-modern, and they’ve been climbing the trending lists ever since they first became popular in the “Swinging Sixties.”

Every one of these bobs has its personality and radiates different vibes. I’m sure that the versatility is the exact reason why it’s so popular cut that never goes out of fashion. Spicing this cut with a nice pair of bangs is truly the icing on the cake.

6. Haircuts with choppy bangs

Different kinds of bangs look differently on different face shapes. Unfortunately, you can’t rock every type of bang because not all flatter your face shape, and you need to be extra careful when choosing your fringe.

If you have a round or heart-shaped face, choppy bangs complement and flatter your face structures the best. Besides, they will add edgy vibes to your hairstyle and create a more daring overall look.

For round face shapes, these unevenly cut bangs balance out those angles and help visually elongate the face. It’s like the perfect contour to make your face look slimmer.

On the other hand, a person with a heart-shaped face has a bit wider forehead and narrower chin, and choppy bangs can help balance those features. They redirect attention from the jawline to the upper side of the face to help elongate the face.

Choppy Hairstyles

It’s already clear that choppy layers work wonders on all hair types and give us that stylish, relaxed look with minimum effort. If you want to skip away from heat tools and different styling products that only damage your hair, just see how easy it is to style choppy layered cuts on different hair lengths. 

1. Choppy hairstyles for short hair

Choppy layers look most flattering on short hair, and that’s a fact. They simply set those messy, undone vibes and add tons of volume to the hair that looks super chic and trendy.

However, if you want to enhance and keep that volume throughout the day or even longer, use texturizing spray and tousle those choppy strands using your fingers. It’ll be enough to get this messy, voluminous hairstyle that can serve as an everyday look and also a look for special occasions.

2. Choppy hairstyles for medium hair

You’ve probably heard it before, but I will still mention it again: medium length is the most flattering because it perfectly suits and complements all hair types, textures, and face shapes.

It’s versatile, and there are endless ways you can experiment with different cuts and styles on your mid-length hair. However, most hairdressers will agree that mid-length choppy shag is the most interesting, stylish, and attractive hairstyle.

Those uneven layers and jagged ends bring out the natural hair texture and give instant volume. You’ll have the most delightful ‘I woke up like this’ hairstyle every day, and choppy layers will direct all the attention to your most eminent facial features.

3. Choppy hairstyles for long hair

Long hair can sometimes become flat because of all the weight pulling the strands down. Choppy layers are a great way to prevent that from happening.

Besides, you’ll get rid of split ends by chopping them. Your mane will look healthier, and your strands will get more space to move.

Your hair will never look dull again, and it won’t take hours to style it anymore because these choppy layers will make a beautiful, playful look by themselves. You can always elevate your style by adding bangs or highlighting your hair. That way, you’ll contribute your hair volume and dimension even more.

Best Choppy Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

One of the most important features you should bear in mind when choosing your perfect haircut is your face shape.

Even though a choppy haircut is versatile and can be tailored to suit most face shapes, I will understand if you still don’t know what kind of choppy layered cut you should get. That’s why I prepared a few pics and hints below that will lead you to your next choppy hairstyle that will perfectly complement your face shape.

Oval face

If you have an oval face shape, your jaw is narrower than your cheekbones. Meaning, you should pay attention to the part around the cheekbones when choosing your perfect choppy hairstyle.

The thing is, you can rock many choppy cuts and styles, however, a choppy mid-length shag and a choppy cut with face-framing layers and thick bangs are the styles that flatter your face the best.

Those face-framing, choppy layers will create balance around the jawline and make your face look slimmer. The choppy mid-length shag will create volume around the jaw and add softness to the face.

Square face

Wide jawline and hairline are the main features of a square face shape. So, if you belong to this group, choose a choppy cut that will create an elongating effect.

Choppy haircuts with deep side parts and thick choppy shags with soft parted/curtain bangs are the best choices for this face shape.

Both side-parted and curtain bangs create that diagonal line across the forehead that helps the face look slimmer and elongated. The choppy, shaggy layers add volume that balances the jawline and brings definition to the cheekbones.

Round face

Even though you would never say so, I belong to the group of round-faced women. However, thanks to my hairdresser experience and choppy layers, I found a way to contour and balance out those roundy parts of my face.

The key is to keep those choppy layers that hit the cheekbones subtle. Don’t go too harsh on that part because you’ll only emphasize the fullness below your cheekbones that way.

You must avoid accentuating those parts of the face, so longer choppy layers and the hair length below the shoulders look most flattering on your round face.

Heart-shaped face

Naomi Campbell

When it comes to the perfect choppy cut for heart-shaped faces, the most important thing is choosing the layers that will draw attention from the jawline.

Choppy layers that start right below the jawline and gradually continue to fall are a great way to elongate the face. Complement those layers with long bangs that will shift the focus to the eyes and hide the width of the forehead.

Diamond-shaped face

The diamond-shaped is the rarest face shape. So, if you have it, you can consider yourself unique. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about choosing a haircut that will complement your diamond-shaped face.

Because of those many angular structures, choppy layers are the most flattering for this face shape. It’s because they add that soft touch to the face. Curtain bangs are an ideal match with choppy layers because they widen the forehead and bring balance to those angular parts of the face.

Choppy Haircuts For Different Hair Textures

Different hair textures need differently cut choppy layers. It all depends on whether you want to highlight those layers and enrich the hair volume to make the hair appear fuller or cut off the excessive weight and make the hair feel and look lighter.

Now, your task is to determine your hair texture, and I will fill you in with the rest.

Thin hair

Leave magic out of this because choppy layers are simply a hack to make thin hair look more voluminous and bouncy. In other words, to make it look thicker.

There is no better way to create the illusion of fuller hair than an all-one-length haircut with choppy layers. The blunt ends add dimension to the hair and maximize the volume even more.

You should also opt for bangs. The fact is, any type of bang will give the appearance of having more hair. Just look how these face-framing curtain bangs add a touch of softness to the face and pair so great with choppy layers.

Thick hair

Choppy layers are true saviors for thick hair because they thin out the hair ends and make hair lighter. It’s uncomfortable to wear all that weight on your head and very hard to style and deal with thick hair.

The choppy layers are left imperfect on purpose, you can use only your fingers to style your hair, and you’ll get a carefree look that is perfect for every day.

Fine hair

Want to provide a sense of chunkiness and fullness to your fine hair? The best way to do it is through choppy layers.

It’ll give your strands more volume and body. Also, those layers will enhance your hair texture, which is the thing every fine-hair girl desperately needs.

You should also stick to short-to-medium haircuts and get rid of all that weight pulling your fine strands down. Getting bangs, especially wispy or choppy bangs, will add more interest to the overall look and make the hair look much fuller.

Advantages Of Choppy Haircuts

There is an unpopular opinion about choppy layers, and it’s that this kind of layering technique leads to many split ends and hair frizziness. Women are afraid to try these haircuts because, unfortunately, they’re convinced that choppy layers damage the hair.

Unfortunately, that is very untrue. You need to understand that every kind of haircut can lead to hair damage IF an unprofessional hairdresser gets his fingers in it.

Choppy layers have many benefits when it comes to all hair types but look flattering on fine hair. They create the illusion of fuller hair, which every woman with flat or thin hair wants.

They are also the favorite haircut choice of women over 50 and all those ladies who want to look younger and trendy. Enough with chit-chat, let’s find out all the benefits of a choppy haircut.

• Volumizing effect

Choppy layers are cut in an uneven, asymmetrical way to create more volume and give that edgier look. They represent the perfect cut for women with flat, lifeless hair.

It’s a strategic layering that can totally transform your hair and make it look voluminous. I strongly recommend it to anyone who had any treatments that damaged their hair because they can make your hair look healthy again.

This may surprise you, but choppy layers are good for curly hair, too. They remove all the excessive weight and enhance the natural volume of the curls.

• Enhancing hair texture

Besides volume, choppy layers also enrich hair depth and dimension. They also boost the bounce of the strands and emphasize the rich, natural texture of the hair.

There is really no better way to spice up your boring haircut than by getting these uneven layers. It’ll add a personal touch to your hair. No matter how you style it, your hair will always look unique.

It will also change your hair’s behavior and allow your tresses to move more freely. You’ll get a versatile cut, and those numerous hair styling options will make your life much easier.

• Reducing bulk

Bulkiness comes with disconnected layers. The best way to get rid of them is through a choppy haircut.

Choppy layers remove hair length, which affects the bulk and split ends. One thing you should pay attention to if you really want to reduce bulk, though, is to keep those choppy layers long.

Your hair will look healthy again and feel much lighter. Also, choppy layers and a proper hair moisturizer are the best ways to get rid of knotty, tangled hair once and for all.

• Facilitate hair styling

It’s time to forget about styling your hair for hours because, with choppy layers, you’ll barely need to style your hair. Those layers will do that part for you and save you time daily.

You can simply tousle your choppy haircut with your fingers and get that effortless, messy look. On the other side, if you want to make it look more attractive, you can use hair spray or mousse and play up the texture a bit.

You’ll finally have time to drink your morning coffee in peace, without worrying about your hairstyle. Still, you’ll leave the house with a stylish hairstyle and have that “I just came from the salon” look.

• Offers a modern and stylish look

This is the main reason why women decide to get choppy layers. Choppy haircuts are always spinning in and out of fashion, but they always find their way back, and it’s all that matters.

Choppy layers radiate effortless and relaxed vibes and have that modern dose of messiness. They also promote the natural look and help us embrace our natural hair type and texture.

They’re also often paired with shaggy layers. That gives them even more of those playful, carefree vibes. This kind of cut brings freshness to the face and can make a person look younger.