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24 Trendsetting Curly Hair Ideas For Women Over 50

24 Trendsetting Curly Hair Ideas For Women Over 50

Hello, dear lady! Do you want to completely change your look or spice up your current hairstyle? Or are you torn between the two? Well, these curly hair ideas for women over 50 have all the answers. Here are the most stylish ways to update your mature curls (because they deserve it)!

1. Medium Curly Hairstyle With A Deep Side Part

If you want to achieve an instant dramatic look, opt for a deep side part! To achieve this, you need to go one inch to the side where your hair parts naturally. This type of hair parting will add a boost of volume to your mid-length curly hair, and it is especially beneficial to those who have thin hair.

2. A-Line Bob For Women Over 50

Say hello to the A-line bob! This type of short curly haircut falls longer in the front than the back, and it looks best on round face shapes. For a more fashionable look, consider spicing up your A-line bob with highlights or ethereal platinum, ash blonde shades. That’s a tough choice.

3. Voluminous Curly Shag With Blonde Highlights

Curly shag makes the hair look fuller around the crown and thinner around the edges. This voluminous haircut is perfect for those who have medium to thick hair. However, it may not be the best choice for thin hair due to lots of layering which can turn your hair into a curly mullet instead of a shag. Ouch!

4. Rounded Curly Shag

Rounded curly shag has a more balanced texture where the layers support the curly mane and provide just enough volume. If you have thin to medium hair, rounded curly shag will bring justice to your hair type!

5. Curly Bob Lob With Micro Bangs

Also known as baby bangs, micro bangs are super short and reserved only for the bold ones. The main reason why we love curls with bangs: they add personality to bob and other hairstyles in the most effortless way possible. Thank you, micro bangs!

6. Copper Red Curly Bob For Older Ladies

Red is one of the most beautiful dyed curly hair ideas, and I still can’t accept the fact that it fades faster than any other hair color. However, you can help your beautiful copper red last longer by avoiding heat from styling tools and using shampoo for color-treated hair. Better safe than sorry!

7. Long Curly Hairstyle With Ringlets

Good old ringlets! My favorite way of achieving ringlet hair is by using foam rollers for no-heat curls. Here’s how: divide your hair into 4 sections. Place the roller at the ends of your damp hair and roll upward towards your scalp. Secure the roller and repeat for the next section of your hair. Let your hair air-dry before unwinding it, and make sure to separate the curls with your fingers. Congrats!

8. Sleek Curly Bob Haircut For Women Over 50

Wow! A sleek curly bob is one of the most elegant solutions for older ladies. The sleek part of this inspiring hairstyle helps accentuate your features, while the curls exude that youthful vibe.

9. Bronde Balayage For Short Curly Hairstyles

If you want to add dimension and depth to your brunette lengths, then opt for sun-kissed blonde highlights. Bronde balayage looks amazing on both medium-length curly hairstyles and long curls.

10. Light Brown Long Curly Hair

Subtle shades are the new bold! Light brown brings out the best in your naturally curly mane without trying too hard, and that’s why we can’t resist this stunning shade.

11. Silver Blonde Stacked Curly Bob

Stacked curly bobs for mature curls are always trending! This haircut features stacked (angled) layers in the back that create a graduated look, while blonde highlights create the illusion of more depth and volume on silver curls. It’s one of the most striking combos ever!

12. Short Goddess Braids With Curly Ends

Because you deserve to feel like a true goddess! Contrary to regular cornrows, goddess braids are thicker and raised higher thus creating the goddess effect. For a more voluminous look, I suggest shorter goddess braids combined with curly ends. Perfection.

13. Short Layered Haircut For Curly Hair

Also known as dynamic layers, short layers create the illusion of thicker hair in the most natural way possible. I daresay that ladies with thin hair benefit most from this haircut. Are you one of them?

14. Long Blonde Bouncy Curls

To enjoy bouncy curls, you’ll need to do three things:
1. Apply styling cream to your wet curls.
2. Scrunch your curls.
3. Diffuse your curls upside down (and get ready to receive lots of compliments).

15. Textured Rezo Cut For Women Over 50

The Rezo cut is a cutting technique that maintains an even curly length all the way around your base. By removing weight from your curls on the root area, your curls have more movement and the texture of your hair is enhanced. This cutting technique is a godsend for 3C curly hair.

16. Silver Curls With Pastel Purple Highlights

Pastel purple highlights add a subtle amount of dimension to your silver locks. This is a great way to refresh your hairstyle without exposing your hair to some drastic changes. Wouldn’t you agree?

17. Curly Bob With Choppy Bangs

Who said that women over 50 can’t rock choppy bangs? This type of fringe is cut at varying lengths that give your bangs more definition and transform your curly bob into a true masterpiece. So, say yes to curly bob with choppy bangs!

18. Platinum Blonde Short Hairstyle For Older Women

Because platinum blondes over 50 have WAY more fun! Platinum blonde shades look striking on both short curly hair and long curls. These shades look especially flattering on pinky and fair skin tones, but they also create beautiful contrast on warm and darker skin tones.

19. Slicked Back Ponytail For Long Curly Hairstyles

Slicked back ponytails are born for long curly hairstyles: after applying styling cream, smooth and gather your hair with a bristle brush. Tie it with an elastic, forming a ponytail, then wrap your pony with a small strand of hair. You can curl the pony with a curling iron and lightly brush through it to create waves, or you can proudly showcase your natural curls. The choice is yours!

20. Honey Blonde Balayage

Let’s stop for a moment and admire this marvelous transition from dark copper to honey blonde hair. Okay, we can proceed. I always say that everyone has their own perfect shade of honey blonde hair according to their skin tone and style.

21. Curly Pixie Cut With Tapered Sides

For a unique, fun, and bold look, opt for a baddie curly hairstyle – a curly pixie with tapered sides! We love tapered sides because they boost the volume of your curly pixie haircut and help you age like fine wine. Yasss!

22. Pastel Pink Short Curly Hairstyle

I’ve noticed that many older clients of mine think that pastel or vibrant colors are reserved only for a younger population. Well, this photo proves them wrong! Pastel pink curls look amazing on everyone regardless of their age. Period.

23. Blonde Balayage On Natural Gray Hair

Are you looking for both stylish and low-maintenance hair options? Blonde highlights or blonde balayage are the most natural ways to refresh your gray curls and avoid frequent root touch-ups. You’re welcome!

24. Outgrown Curly Pixie Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair

Pixie haircuts look best on oval, round, and heart face shapes. An outgrown pixie cut looks even more stunning on these face shapes and it can be easily styled. This popular curly hairstyle proves that easy maintenance and fashion can go hand in hand.