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21 Most Exciting 3C Curly Hair Trends For 2024

21 Most Exciting 3C Curly Hair Trends For 2024

If you’ve been blessed with 3C curly hair, you know finding the right haircut or hairstyle for your type of curls can be challenging. Well, I’m the bearer of good news! Say hi to the most inspiring examples and the latest 3C hair trends!

1. 3C Curls With Auburn Spotlight Highlights

The main role of spotlight highlights is to illuminate the hair in a soft and subtle way. This type of highlighting technique creates the illusion of more depth and volume on your 3C curly bobs and other hairstyles.

2. Chic Hairstyles With A Twist Headband

For an elegant look, you can pull down some front pieces underneath the headband. If you want to secure your locks, opt for a classic version of wearing a headband (see photo in the top right corner). Or you can combine a twist headband with a pineapple updo to achieve that cute and flirty vibe. As always, the choice is yours!

3. Cute Updo With Flower Hair Pins

Soft girl aesthetic has been all the rage as of late. This style combines pastel colors, butterfly hair clips, and other cutesy, feminine elements. I daresay that the soft girl trend is the new CUTE!

4. Half-Up Half-Down 3C Hairstyle

The best friend of 3C curly hair (and other types of curls) is a good old diffuser. Using a diffuser minimizes frizz, enhances volume, defines the curl pattern of your mane, and helps style your hair.

5. Honey Golden 3C Curly Hair

Honey golden hair color will help your curly hair achieve that youthful and natural look without trying too much, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular hair colors for curls. Besides that, this dazzling shade will enhance the texture of your 3C curls, which is a real head-turner.

6. Voluminous 3C Curls With Gold Butterfly Bobby Pins

It’s the accessory. Gold butterfly bobby pins on voluminous 3C curls will transform you into a Greek goddess. Hint: Grecian vibes and Greek-themed weddings are always on-trend!

7. Half-Up Messy Bun For 3C Hair Type

I love how a half-up messy bun makes 3C curls look like a cascading waterfall. This baddie curly hairstyle is perfect for those who want to make a statement (in a subtle way).

8. Short Layered 3C Curls

Short layers on 3C curls alter the texture of your curls making your hair look more defined and dynamic. This type of layering is especially recommended for those who have thin hair.

9. V-Shaped 3C Curly Hair

Long curly hair, don’t care! Creating flattering V-shaped layers by cutting vertical sections at angles (longest in front and shorter towards the back) is an easy way to add more lift and volume to your long curls. You’re welcome!

10. Pineapple Hairstyle With Choppy Bangs

A good old pineapple updo will keep your 3C curly hair frizz-free and secured. For a more stylish and effortless version of the pineapple curly updo, opt for choppy bangs.

11. Mahogany Fluffed Out Curls

Fluffed-out curls achieve their maximum after a fresh cut and after you dry them with a diffuser. Mahogany shade enhances the texture of your fluffy mane giving you that extra oomph of volume!

12. Cute Hairstyles With An Extra Large Scrunchie

Curly hair + satin or silk scrunchies = Best Friends Forever. Loose high or low ponytail, or a cute braid with face-framing tendrils? There are so many stunning ways to style your hair with an extra-large scrunchie.

13. 3C Curls With A Deep Side Part

A deep side part works great for both long curly hair and short curls. This type of hair parting helps elongate your features and boosts the volume of your curly hair. It’s everything curly ladies ever wanted, right?

14. Mega Top Knot With A Headband

I’m always amazed by the contrast between a big frizzy top knot and sleek edges on 3C curly hair. In this case, a headband serves as a mediator between the two because it brings a perfect balance to this breathtaking hairstyle.

15. Naturally Fluffy 3C/4A Hair

Dear ladies, forget about taming your mane because naturally fluffy is on-trend! Just leave your hair be but also don’t forget to trim your split ends once in a while.

16. 3C Curly Hair With Piecey Bangs

Defined bangs with separated strands (read: piecey bangs) are bound to add some edge and texture to your mid-length curls. Piecey bangs exude easy-going and fun vibes on all types of curly hairstyles.

17. 3C Curly Hairstyle With Full Bangs

For a mysterious and personalized look, opt for curly hair with bangs! However, keep in mind that full bangs look best on square faces. Why? These face shapes have equal width and height, and a defined jawline, so short bangs would only pull their face downwards.

18. 3C Curly Hair With Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are one of the trademarks of popular curly hairstyles. This type of hair layering helps boost movement and volume in your curly mane, and that’s why we dig it!

19. Color Blocking Curls

Combining contrasting colors with 3C curls is one of the best ways to personalize your own style and give more expression to curls. All you need to do is find your favorite contrasting combo!

20. Ultra Bouncy 3C Curls With A Middle Part

A middle part creates the illusion of length and perfect symmetry for your face. This type of hair parting looks best on round, oval, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

21. Jet Black Curly Pixie

If you want to give your 3C curls or mature curls a fresh new start, then opt for a pixie cut. This bold and unique short curly hairstyle is bound to turn heads and earn you lots of compliments.