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26 Choppy Shag Hairstyles For Medium Hair You Can’t Miss In 2024

26 Choppy Shag Hairstyles For Medium Hair You Can’t Miss In 2024

You’re on a hunt for new ways to wear and style your mid-length shag? I’m now declaring the end to that hunt because you’ll find everything you were searching for right below.

I found the trendiest and coolest choppy shag hairstyles for medium hair and compiled them in this amazing collection. Choppy layers will remove the bulk, and a shag cut will create a voluminous texture, resulting in a modern and unique hairstyle everyone will envy.

1. Face-Framing Choppy Shag

It’s truly amazing how these short and long choppy layers create an illusion of length. On the other hand, what truly amazes me are these face-framing layers that enhance facial features and make the whole look so much softer.

2. Soft Straight Shag With Choppy Layers

If you want to avoid your straight hair looking flat and boring, opt for choppy shag hair. You don’t have to go hard with layers, a soft shag will create enough volume and create that textured look. A nice pair of fringes like these curtain bangs will definitely take it all to the next level.

3. Choppy Shag With Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs go with all hair lengths and textures, but they definitely pair best with a choppy shag cut. They work wonders for women who want to hide some of their imperfections and facial features they feel uncomfortable exposing.

4. Messy Shag With Choppy Bangs And Layers

A shag cut is usually messy, and it’s one of the main reasons we love it. The messy texture radiates those effortless and edgy but also stylish vibes. Oh, and these choppy bangs flatter mostly women with round and heart-shaped faces.

5. The Bardot Shag

The Brigitte Bardot-inspired shag features thick bangs that are shorter and a bit parted in the middle and left longer at the temples. It also features a messy, effortless texture with blended choppy layers that boost the tresses and contribute to this voluminous look.

6. Choppy Wolf To Shag Cut

Wolf and shag cut have their differences, but their main signature parts are adding volume and movement to the hair. It’s one of the trendiest styles nowadays and flatters literally everyone, every hair type and texture. 

7. Beachy Shag

The curling iron or wand is the preferred tool to make these soft and loose beachy curls. Because of their edgy but feminine vibe, they are a perfect option for an everyday, relaxed look. 

8. Blonde Choppy Shag

We’ll have to agree about one thing: choppy shags look absolutely gorgeous on every hair color, and that’s a fact. If you have a fair complexion and light eye color, the blonde hair color will look especially flattering. 

9. Modern Shag On Dark Choppy Hair

You see, no matter what your hair color is, a choppy shag will suit you. It’s actually a great way to refresh your dark hair because the choppy layers will make your dark strands move and bounce like never before. 

10. Elegant Shag With Soft Choppy Layers

Who says you can’t have both an elegant hairstyle and a shag? Here is a proof you can! You should only make those layers soft and choppy and ask for a good, professional blowout. 

11. Choppy 70s Shag

Shaggy hair definitely defined the 70s because, in those times, it was all about shaggy, choppy layers that give the appearance of volume. It’s easy to style and maintain this classic shag which is especially beneficial for busy women.

12. Curly Shag With Choppy Layers

If you’re looking for a haircut to help you tame your wild curly hair, congratulations because you’ve just found the right one. Choppy layers will reduce bulk and prevent frizziness, all of that will make your curls more manageable and bouncy at the same time. 

13. Razor Cut Shag

I know that most women are afraid of getting a razor shag because they think it may thin out their hair too much, but it’s only if it isn’t done the right way. In fact, this kind of cut can only make your hair look healthier, less weighed down, and much softer. 

14. Shaggy Mullet Cut

Here is a low-maintenance style suitable for some casual occasions and everyday wear. It’s versatile and trendy, and flatters every face shape and hair type. 

15. Feathered Choppy Shag

Feathered choppy shag is the perfect hairstyle for women with thick hair who can allow plenty of hair layering and thinning out to get that feathery effect. The feathered choppy layers and a good blowout can give you a glamorous and elegant hairstyle appropriate for the most special gatherings and events. 

16. Dimensional Shag With Babylights

Babylights give more dimension to the hair, which also means they create a more natural-looking color. They should last around six to eight weeks and when it comes to maintenance, using color-safe products and heat protectors will be enough to keep the babylights shiny and fresh.

17. Fiery Red Choppy Shag

For my fiery girls who want to spice up this edgy cut a bit more, red hair color is the best way to do it. Your hair will look even more voluminous, and the red hue will boost its shine and make it look more lively.

I have a few tips to keep your red hair from fading too fast. Wash it with cold water, use less shampoo, condition it after every wash, and use only color-safe products.

18. Shaggy Butterfly Style

The butterfly cut is definitely the most wanted nowadays, girls just went crazy about it. This style features many shaggy layers that enrich hair texture and raise the hair volume to the maximum. The short layers in the front create a face-framing effect that enhances facial features. 

19. Split Dye Choppy Shag

I thought a cooler hairstyle than a choppy shag cut doesn’t exist, but clearly, I was wrong. It isn’t hard at all to recreate this look, you only need to have courage, choose the high contrasting colors, and find a professional who will do their job. That’s how you’ll get the most unique, edgy look ever. 

20. Choppy Shag With Micro Bangs

Women with long and oval face shapes can easily commit to micro bangs because they’ll elongate and balance their faces. The baby bangs pair so well with choppy shag, as you can see, as they give more interest and sassy style to the overall look. 

21. Heavily Textured Choppy Shag

Heavily layered choppy shag is perfect for those with thicker and coarse hair. It’ll reduce the weight and make the hair more manageable while not affecting the body, texture, or volume. For more stylish vibes, spice this look up with a warm hue or highlights. 

22. Messy Shag With Peekaboo Highlights

The bright color is underneath which adds special depth to the hair. It’s a stylish and pretty edgy look that only bold women who like to be in the spotlight can pull off. 

23. Wavy Shag With Choppy Layers

Here is a perfect style for every woman who nurtures those carefree, effortless vibes. A shag with choppy layers and wavy hair texture are truly a match made in heaven. The choppy layers make those wavy strands move and enrich the hair with dimension and definition. 

24. Choppy Shag For Women Over 50

The first thing we can all notice from this transformation is how this choppy shag opens up the woman’s face and makes her look so much younger. The choppy layers make the hair styling job much easier and contribute to the hair texture and movement. 

25. Retro Shag

The retro shag exudes those effortless, beachy waves that always look wonderful. The short, choppy layers left at the crown add volume and lift, while these textured, choppy bangs draw attention to the eyes and balance the entire hairstyle. 

26. Side-Parted Choppy Shag

Choppy shag with side-parted bangs is like a new dimension of shag cut. It’s classy, elegant and chic. The bangs have a face-framing effect that can highlight your best attributes and, most importantly, hide the ones you don’t particularly like.