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60+ Best Pixie Cut For Round Face Ideas

60+ Best Pixie Cut For Round Face Ideas

What is the most flattering hairstyle for chubby cheeks, that is the question? The right answer is pixie cut. Here is the biggest assortment of the trendiest pixie cut for round face ideas you must try.

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1. Feminine Pixie Cut For Round Face

I’m sure you’ll rock this feminine pixie cut for a round face with pleasure this season. It will make you feel and look like a real lady.

2. Double Chin Chubby Face Pixie Cut For Round Face

What if you have a double chin? Does that mean you must have long hair to cover your entire neck up? Absolutely not! Instead, be brave enough to embrace your imperfections!

3. Round Face Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Thick hair and pixie cut go together like bread and butter. This amazing hairstyle looks flattering on women of all ages and complexion.

4. Pixie Cut For Curly Hair Round Face

If you have curly hair and a round face, you simply can’t go wrong with a pixie cut. The best part is that it’s a low-maintenance haircut.

5. Pixie Cut For Round Chubby Face

For those of you with a round chubby face, a pixie cut is a perfect choice. If you want to make your face look a bit slimmer, just ask your hairdresser for asymmetrical bangs and you’re good to go.

6. Long Pixie Cut For Round Face

Shorter at the back and longer at the front, this long pixie cut is an ideal solution for ladies with round-shaped face. This chop will give you a modern, fresh look.

7. Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

It’s time to show off those beautiful, round cheeks of yours. This haircut is incredibly easy to style; you don’t even have to use a blow-dryer for a flawless look.

8. Tomboy Pixie Cut For Round Face

It’s no wonder tomboy has become one of the most popular haircuts among women lately. It’s easy to style, and it screams edgy and carefree.

9. Pixie Cut With Bangs For Round Face

A fresh set of long bangs can transform your pixie cut and make it a million times more attractive. If you pair this style with an eye-catching hair color, you’ve got yourself a unique and trendy look.

10. Low Maintenance Pixie Cut For Round Face

Tired of spending hours in front of the mirror, trying to style your hair? Worry not, because a low-maintenance pixie cut is here for your rescue.

11. Pixie Cut For Round Face Black Hair

A pixie cut for a round face never looked cuter. It’s perfect blend of retro and modern which makes you look cool and trendy without much effort.

12. Low Maintenance Pixie Cut For Thin Hair Round Face

Congratulations, because you’ve finally found the best hairstyle for your thin hair and round face. That’s right, I’m talking about a pixie cut— a chop that will make your hair look thicker and fuller.

13. Pixie Cut For Round Face And Glasses

This hairdo is effortless, and yet so chic and gorgeous. Here’s a pro tip: pair it up with a fun designed glasses and you’ll never go unnoticed.

14. Elegant Pixie Cut For Round Face

elegant pixie cut for round face

Who says you have to have long hair to look feminine and elegant? This pixie cut for round face is a living proof that short haircuts can look wonderful and girly, as well.

15. Medium Pixie Cut For Round Face

A medium pixie cut will never go out of style. If you want a contemporary update on things, sweep the bangs on the side.

16. Long Pixie Cut With Bangs For Round Face

If you feel like your forehead is too big, choose a pixie cut with bangs. The only hair product you might need for this style is a glossing serum to add some extra shine to your hair.

17. Pixie Cut For Asian Round Face

To bring a unique touch to a typical pixie cut, ask your hairdresser for thicker bangs parted on the side. This way, you’ll get a statement haircut that looks great on round faces.

18. Pixie Cut For Fine Hair And Round Face

A pixie cut is perfect for fine hair since it gives it volume and dimension. If you have a round face, baby bangs will soften your features.

19. Short Pixie Cut For Round Face For Women Over 70

It’s time to let your naturally gray hair under the spotlight. This hairstyle will add a touch of individuality and uniqueness to your entire look. Besides, it’s not reserved for ladies over 70 only.

20. Spiky Pixie Cut For Round Face

A spiky pixie cut will add dimension, visual thickness, and depth to your hair. Besides, it will slim down your face, making you look a lot thinner.

21. Edgy Pixie Cut For Round Face

Want to add a dash of mystery to your look? In that case, this edgy pixie cut is your ideal choice. These eye-covering bangs remind us of emo bangs, with a touch of trendy.

22. Blonde Pixie With Bangs For Round Face

Here’s another great example of peek-a-boo bangs that are simply a must-try for all women with round faces. If you ever find this style impractical, just tuck your bangs behind your ear.

23. Pixie Cut With Curly Bangs

How does a combination of wavy hair and curly bangs sound to you? Well, I can tell you one thing: it looks amazing!

24. Round Face Pixie Cut For Women Over 60

If you’re a lady in your 60s, a pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs and a longer side will give your hair a much-needed boost of volume.

25. Pixie For Round Face With Fades

Find a typical pixie cut too boring? Worry not, because we’ve got you covered. Adding fades to one side of your hair will make your cut unique and outstanding.

26. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut For Round Face

If you’re looking for an easy-to-manage hairstyle, you’ll simply adore this asymmetrical pixie cut. It frames your face wonderfully and the bangs make it look much thinner.

27. Pixie Cut For Round Face With Undercut

I’ll be honest with you: not every woman has what it takes to pull off a pixie with an undercut. But, if you’re bold enough to do it, show your stylist this photo!

28. Icy Blonde Pixie For Round Face

Add a glamorous accent to your typical pixie cut with side-parted bangs that draw attention to your eyes. This is a timeless look for all women with a round face shape.

29. Long Wavy Pixie Cut For Round Face

Just a tiny bit of messiness will make this long wavy pixie cut look chic, and yet effortless. This beautiful style will show that you’re easy-going, carefree, and spontaneous.

30. Two-Toned Pixie Cut For Round Face

Two colors add instant drama to a classic pixie cut for round face. This hairstyle combined with shaggy bangs creates movement you’ll absolutely adore.

31. Long Pixie Cut With Tapered Neck

Let’s show off that beautiful neckline of yours! It’s no wonder that a long pixie with a tapered neck has been trendy for so much time— it is both practical and attractive.

32. Rainbow Pixie Cut For Round Face

Are you brave enough to dye your hair in rainbow colors? I won’t lie to you: it is a risky look, but if you think it goes well with your personality, you should definitely give it a try.

33. Pixie Cut For Round Face With Straight Bangs

Straight bangs will magically turn your round face into a square-shaped one. At the same time, longer sides will frame it, without hiding your beautiful cheeks. Sounds like a win-win combination to me.

34. Pixie For Round Face With Edgy Bangs

I get it— you’re not ready for an edgy hairstyle, but you still don’t want a dull, typical pixie cut? In that case, just add a dash of fun to your bangs.

35. Fiery Red Pixie Cut For Chubby Face

If you’re a passionate and fierce woman, what exactly are you waiting for to dye your hair fiery red? Trust me, once you do it, you’ll never go back to your old hair color.

36. Gray Hair Pixie For Round Face

Isn’t gray hair reserved for old ladies only? Well, this pixie with an undercut proves otherwise. The top part gives your hair dimension, while the undercut makes your face look slimmer.

37. Pixie Cut With Highlights For Round Face

One thing is for sure: this color blend is so awesome nobody can look away. It’s up to you whether you’ll have chunkier or thinner pieces of color.

38. Long Blonde Pixie For Round Face

Here’s another great example of a pixie cut with highlights for a round face. These warm blonde highlights will give you the much popular sunkissed look you’ll absolutely love.

39. Medium Asymmetrical Pixie For Round Face

Draw all the attention to your jawline with a medium asymmetrical pixie cut for round face. This mesmerizing hairstyle will certainly solve the problem of a dull and flat look.

40. Pixie For Round Face With Bangs Up

To make your haircut stand out, brush your bangs upward. One thing is for sure: this style will add interest and life to your limp hair.

41. Copper Brown Pixie Cut For Round Face

If you’re sick and tired of dying your hair in a dull brown color, why wouldn’t you try a copper brown shade. Paired up with an interesting pixie cut, this style is perfect for round-shaped faces.

42. Pixie Cut With Colored Highlights For Round Face

Looking for amazing color ideas to spice up your silver hair? Feel free to experiment; trust me, every color combination will look flattering on this pixie cut for round faces.

43. Extra Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

A close-cropped buzz cut is making its big comeback this season. The most beautiful thing about this style is that it allows you to get creative with make-up and jewelry.

44. Caramel Blonde Highlights Pixie Cut For Chubby Face

At a first glance, you might think that nobody will even notice these tiny caramel highlights. But trust me when I tell you they make a huge difference!

45. Pixie Cut For Round Face With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs hidden under longer side-swept bangs? It sounds like an adventurous haircut for a round face that not every woman has the courage to pull off.

46. Bowled Pixie Cut For Round Face

Here’s another cut that’s regaining its popularity: a bowl cut. It is one of the most flattering styles for a round face and thin hair.

47. Wavy Pixie Cut With Bangs For Round Face

These romantic waves on a short hair will have everyone around you swooning. A wavy pixie is the best solution for the ladies who want to make a change, but also want to keep some of their hair length.

48. Edgy Long Curly Pixie For Round Face

edgy long curly pixie for round face

Isn’t it amazing how the color, the cut and the curls all fall together perfectly? This style looks stunning on everyone who has naturally curly or wavy hair.

49. Pixie Cut With Undercut For Chubby Face

Here you have an ideal blend of a typical short pixie and shaved sides. It screams edgy, bold, and casual.

50. Pixie Cut With Bangs For Chubby Cheeks

This cut requires zero hair products and effort to style. The only thing you need to rock it are your cute, chubby cheeks nobody can stay immune to.

51. Pixie Cut For Round Face For Women Over 50

There is no doubt about one thing: layered haircuts always look more interesting than one-length chops. This pixie will make you look well-groomed, and it’s also practical for every day life.

52. Asymmetrical Pixie For Round Face With Long Bangs And Fades

The contrast between the long bangs and a shaved side is what makes this haircut so unique and eye-catching. A skillfully done pixie will reduce your face shape to an ideal oval and you’ll be looking chic all the time.

53. Pixie With Curtain Bangs For Chubby Face

Curtain bangs are here to reduce the roundness and the chubbiness of your face. They’re low-maintenance and they look gorgeous. What else is there to wish for?

54. Bixie For Round Face

This cut is a perfect blend of a pixie and a bob cut. And it goes great on a round face. The bangs give you length and make your face look thinner.

55. Glamorous Pixie Cut For Round Face

There is only one word appropriate to describe this stunning hairstyle: glamorous. The amount of hair on the top lengthens your face and it turns you into a real lady, all in one.

56. Blonde Spiky Pixie For Round Face

Spikes are probably one of the best solutions for round faces. Here’s a hack to always keep it neat: use a bit of texturizing product and you’re good to go.

57. Silver Pixie Cut For Round Face For Older Ladies

A simple haircut like this can only look amazing on a round-faced woman. It puts accent to your beautiful cheeks and it brings a youthful vibe.

58. Curly Mohawk Pixie Cut For Round Face

The only word needed for this cut is volume. Don’t worry, mohawk is not out of fashion. In fact, it’s a type of haircut that can never go out of style.

59. Brunette Pixie Cut For Round Face

Face-framing bangs paired up with whimsical layers? Sounds like a must-try haircut for everyone with a round face.

60. Long Strawberry Blonde Pixie For Round Face

This haircut will put all of your beautiful features in the front row. If you’re a short hair beginner, I promise that this is the right hairstyle for you.

61. Salt And Pepper Pixie Cut For Round Face

A mix of white, black, gray and silver strands is what makes this pixie cut so unique. It brings all the attention to your cheekbones and it’s flattering for all hair types.