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70 Slimming Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

70 Slimming Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

Short hairstyles for round faces are an ideal way to slim down your head shape in a subtle and stylish manner. If you don’t believe me, check out the following list and see it for yourself!

1. Short Curly Hairstyle For Round Faces

Do curls go well on a round face? Absolutely yes, especially when paired with a short hairstyle.

2. Low Maintenance Short Hairstyle For A Round Face

What’s so great about this haircut besides looking so awesome? Well, you have to invest almost no effort into styling it. Sounds pretty spectacular, doesn’t it?

3. Double Chin Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

It’s been enough of you trying to hide your chubby face and double chin behind your hair. Instead, choose an interesting short hairstyle to remove the focus from it.

4. Short Hairstyle For Round Faces And Thin Hair

What if you have thin hair? Worry not, short hairstyles for round faces have the power to make wonders on your hair texture as well.

5. Short Hairstyle For Round Faces And Thick Hair

You see how the long, peek-a-boo bangs are doing their magic here? They’re making your face visually longer. And you can rock this haircut if you have thick hair.

6. Short Haircut For Round Faces Over 50

Don’t worry if you’ve gained some weight and if your face suddenly became round in your 50s. All you need is the right short haircut.

7. Short Hairstyle For Round Face Over 60

The longer sideburns are the hidden gem about this short haircut for a round face. And let’s not forget the astonishing shade of gray that goes perfectly with this chop.

8. Short Edgy Hairstyle For Women With Round Faces

If you have a round face shape and want to go all the way edgy, choose long bangs on one side and a shaved other side. Pair it all up with a funky hair color.

9. Layered Short Hairstyle For Round Face

Layers are here to angle your face out. They can make it longer, or more oval— it’s all up to your agreement with the hairdresser.

10. African American Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

It’s time to shine with these finger waves. They have the ability to visually transform your entire head so you better take it.

11. Short Hairstyle With Bangs For Round Faces

This type of bangs is here to turn your round face into a square one, which gives it the amazing balance and angles it desperately needs.

12. Short Punk Hairstyle For Round Faces

Let me guess: you’ve always wanted to be a punk rock star. Well, now you finally have a chance to do so. And all with the help of your hair.

13. Inverted Bob For A Round Face

A typical inverted bob cut is possibly the best choice for a round face like yours. The gradual change in length is what slims your face to unimaginable extents.

14. Short Hairstyle For Round Face And Fine Hair

What if you have a combination of a round face and fine hair? Choose a simple pixie cut but enrich it with longer sideburns.

15. Blonde Edgy Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

What makes this blonde short haircut so edgy? And why is it flattering for round faces? The quiff is the answer to both of your questions.

16. Bouncy Bob Cut For Round Faces

A bouncy bob makes is fun and sophisticated at the same time. Trust me when I tell you that not many short hairstyles for round faces have these characteristics.

17. Pixie Cut With Baby Bangs For Round Faces

Baby bangs are the key here! Yes, they are incredibly trendy. But they also give some angularity to your round face.

18. Pixie Cut With Highlights For Round Faces

A pixie cut with highlights sounds like a simple haircut. But when you look at it closely, you realize it’s dimensional and deeper than it appeared.

19. Blunt Bob Cut With Bangs

Just look at this amazing transformation! Most importantly check out how a blunt bob with bangs goes much better with a round face.

20. Choppy Curly Pixie Cut

The crown is not the only choppy part here— the bangs are cut in the same manner. When you take this pic to your hairdresser, have them pay attention to the angular chops on both sides.

21. Pixie Cut With Pin Curls

Pin curls are vintage and trendy at the same time. They help you look classy and sophisticated on every occasion.

22. Curly Bob Cut With Bangs For Round Faces

One thing is for sure: a curly bob with bangs will make you look and feel younger than ever before. You’re looking at a short haircut for round faces you’ll fall in love with right away.

23. Sandblonde Bob Pixie Cut

The contrast of the sandy blonde hair color and the darker roots make your hair look a lot deeper. That is exactly why this is a short hairstyle suitable for thin or fine hair.

24. Mohawk Pixie Cut For Round Faces

Mohawk is not reserved for rock stars only. If you feel like one, you’re more than welcome to look the part as well.

25. Short Hairstyle For Round Faces And Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair has been a nightmare to maintain for as long as you can remember. Well, not anymore!

26. Icy Blonde Pixie Cut For Round Faces

Once again, the bangs brushed upwards are here to your rescue. Mix them up with an attractive shade of blonde and you’re good to go.

27. Rainbow Pixie Cut For Round Faces

A rainbow pixie cut is not for everyone. It’s edgy, funky, and bold, and you’re only allowed to wear it if you’re extra brave.

28. Shoulder-Length Bob With Long Curtain Bangs

An extra long bob with curtain bangs frames your face beautifully and transforms your face shape completely. At the same time, it’s quite fashionable.

29. Violet Mullet For Round Faces

As if the mullet itself wasn’t edgy enough, I’ve decided to pair it with a pastel shade of violet hair color. And the best part is that it looks spectacular.

30. Inverted Bob With Ultra Short Bangs

We’ve already established that an inverted bob works wonders when it comes to round faces. Well, you can only imagine how great it looks paired with ultra-short bangs.

31. Gray Pixie Cut With Brushed Up Bangs

If you try out a gray pixie cut with brushed-up bangs, you’ll wonder if you’ve gotten an oval face overnight.

32. Short Pixie Cut For A Round Face

A short pixie cut for a round face should ideally have fringe, this way or another. Just look at this beauty and you’ll understand why I’m right.

33. Copper Lixie Cut For Round Faces

A long pixie cut, known as a lixie in the hair industry, is a perfect choice for a round face as well, especially when combined with a copper hair color.

34. Gray Mohawk With Shaved Sides

You’re looking at the most modern version of the old-school mohawk. What makes it even more badass is the natural gray hair color.

35. Effortless Blonde Pixie Cut

That’s right, you’ve read it and seen it right: this blonde pixie cut is basically effortless. Of course, if you’re not a natural blonde, you’ll have to visit your colorist every now and then.

36. Curly Wolf Cut For Round Faces

It’s time to add some edge to your short hair. And the best possible way to do so is to get a curly wolf cut.

37. Pink Mohawk For Round Faces

Are you ready for a new, bold style? Of course, it should be flattering for a round face as well. And that’s exactly what this pink mohawk has to offer.

38. Short Afro Haircut For Round Faces

This Afro cut makes wonders on round faces since it makes your face significantly longer visually. Of course, the shades and the heart symbol on the undercut make everything more interesting.

39. Tomboy Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

If you’re going for a tomboy haircut and you have a round-shaped face, just make sure to keep the crown as volumized as possible. You can always add shaved sides for some more sass.

40. Pixie Cut With Side Bangs For Round Faces

The side bangs are here to frame your face beautifully, to accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. Yes, you get all of that in one haircut only.

41. Androgynous Short Haircut For Round Faces

This androgynous haircut is gender-neutral, sending off both a masculine and a feminine vibe. The subtle quiff makes it perfect for your face shape.

42. Pixie Cut With Funky Colored Bangs

You have an edgy cut combined with a funky hair color. You’ll get all the attention you need with this hairstyle and more.

43. Edgy Layered Pixie Cut For Round Faces

Rock an edgy layered pixie cut for a round face if you’re in the search of a bold hairstyle that is not too difficult to style. It’s a great choice for all the women who want to keep their hair off their ears.

44. French Bob For Round Faces

Are you looking for a sassy, classy, and badassy short hairstyle for a round face? In that case, a French bob should be your number one pick.

45. Spiky Pixie With Undercut

A spiky pixie with an undercut is the edgy haircut you’ll absolutely love. It’s best for ladies with thick hair who want some of the weight of their hair removed.

46. Very Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

Yes, you can pull off an ultra-short hairstyle even with a round face. Just make sure to add some bangs to it and you’ll be loving it.

47. Sleek Swept Back Pixie Cut

A sleek swept-back short hairstyle for round faces is one of the most versatile cuts you’ll see. It offers you numerous styling options which makes it so fun.

48. Contemporary Bowl Cut For Round Faces

Haven’t you heard the news? The bowl cut is making its big comeback and it is, once again, becoming one of the trendiest haircuts, especially for a round face.

49. Blonde Shaved Buzzcut For Round Faces

A blonde shaved buzz cut is simple, but it still has the power to draw all the attention in the world. It goes beautifully with your perfect head shape.

50. Peach Pixie Cut For Round Faces

A pastel peach is a subtle, yet funky and edgy hair color. It is an amazing option for all ladies who want to look professional while expressing their individuality.

51. Super Short Copper Pixie Cut For Round Faces

The hair color is here to add some interest to an otherwise simple cut. The best thing about it is that it’s so low-maintenance.

52. Wispy Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you’ve fought the battle of frizzy hair, you know how stressful it is to find the perfect cut for your texture. Well, your search has just come to an end.

53. Blended Pixie Cut For Round Faces

The most attractive thing about this hairstyle is the gradual blend between the darker roots and the funky crown. It’s what gives your hair movement.

54. Bob Cut With Blonde Highlights

A bob cut with blonde highlights sounds like a boring haircut, but trust me, it’s everything but that. Instead, you’re looking at a timeless haircut that never goes out of style.

55. Copper Curly Bob Cut With Bangs

Technically, this is not a typical copper curly bob with bangs. If you look closely, you’ll see a bunch of pink and peachy highlights that make this haircut way edgier.

56. Rose Colored Long Curly Bob For Chubby Faces

A long curly bob cut is the best choice for chubby faces. Just look at the way the side bangs elongate your face.

57. Volumized Bob Cut For Round Faces

Are you ready to upgrade your hairstyle? If the answer is yes, a volumized bob cut is just the thing you need.

58. Long Bob Cut For Round Faces

A lob, or a long bob makes you look sophisticated and offers a ton of versatility. Blow dry it with a round brush and you’ll get this magnificent look.

59. Blunt Bob Cut For Round Faces

This is not a typical blunt bob. You get asymmetry, highlights, and swooped edges. All of it combined results in a trendy short hairstyle.

60. Bob Cut For Round Faces And Glasses

The bangs and the bob cut are here to frame your eyeglasses and face in general. It’s a great way to slim down your face.

61. Pixie Bowl Cut For Round Faces

How bold and edgy is this bowl cut for round faces, especially if you pay attention to the color contrast? It is appropriate for all age groups but it will look the best on older ladies.

62. Brunette Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

What makes this short hairstyle so suitable for round faces? Well, literally everything: the asymmetry between the crown and the shaved sides, the long sideburns, and the bangs.

63. Spiky Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

A spiky short hairstyle for a round face is here to make a dramatic statement. It’s glamorous and courageous.

64. Short Hairstyle For Round Faces Over 70

This timeless pixie cut is the perfect option for all the older ladies in their 70s. It gives you a respectable, yet stylish look.

65. Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

Asymmetry is the most ideal option for a round face that needs slimming. It adds a feminine touch to your boring hairstyle.

66. Messy Short Hairstyle For Round Faces

A messy short hairstyle goes well on all face shapes but it is the most flattering on round-faced ladies. It’s playful and flirty.

67. Silver Pixie Cut For Older Ladies With Round Faces

A silver pixie is an amazing option for all older ladies who struggle with thinning hair. It requires almost no maintenance but it still looks great on all hair textures.

68. Elegant Pixie Cut For Round Faces

Here’s living proof that you can look like a real-life Princess and a lady with short hair, as well. Just curl out your bangs a bit to achieve this look.

69. Layered Bob Cut For Round Faces

The layers on this bob have the job of adding height and volume to your face shape. This way, your cheekbones get the attention they deserve.

70. Mini Bob With Bangs For Round Faces

A mini blunt bob is a real head-turner. It’s especially flattering for ladies with naturally straight hair.