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21 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair You Don’t Want To Miss

21 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair You Don’t Want To Miss

If you’re blessed with gorgeous thick hair, you know it can be a handful—it takes ages to dry, feels heavy and can get pretty wild at times. Things get even more complicated when it’s short, because what if it gets all poofy and frizzy without the weight of long locks?

Well, if you thought thick hair shouldn’t go short, think again—there’s a perfect hairstyle out there for you. With the right haircut and styling, thick hair becomes lightweight and manageable. So if you need inspiration for a short hairstyle for thick hair, you’re in the right place.

Here are 21 of our favorite picks.

1. Layered Lob


With more internal than external layers, this layered lob is all about removing weight and allowing your hair to flow freely. It’s perfect if you want to showcase the true beauty of your hair.

2. Curly Crop


Want super-short hair? If you have thick tresses, you’re the ideal candidate for this daring style: even closely cropped, your hair will remain a standout feature while allowing your face to join center stage.

3. Pixie Mullet


Bold and trendy, this low-maintenance style will set you free—it shines when it’s worn as natural as possible. Wash, dry however you prefer, add a dab of styling cream and you’re done!

4. Short Bob With Bangs


Short thick hair with no layers tends to get blocky, but what if you like your bobs blunt and short? Side bangs to the rescue. They break the severe lines of the cut, making it more wearable and frame your face to help you avoid an awkward, bulky parting.

5. Overgrown Pixie


We can call it an overgrown pixie, but this is a mint fresh cut. Intentionally messy, this edgy baby mullet is the ultra-trendy solution to all your thick hair problems.

6. Textured Lob


Still unsure whether you’re ready to go short? A textured lob is an excellent choice for the indecisive—it has that crisp bob look, but it’s still long enough to wear up. It has no visible layers, which makes it extra easy to grow out if you change your mind.

7. Curly Cut With Face-Framing


As a thick-haired girl, you might feel the pressure to tame, thin out and relax your curly thick hair, but why should you? Enjoy your luscious locks and don’t be afraid to embrace your beautiful natural volume.

8. Layered Lob With Curtain Bangs


Layered lob and curtain bangs are two of the most universally flattering ways to wear your hair, but they’re especially rewarding if it’s thick—they make it extra flowy and bouncy.

9. Blunt Bob With Fringe


Blunt, subtly textured bob with shorter pieces in the front has a particularly timeless feel: this look is super trendy at the moment, but throw a retro filter on this pic, and you’d think it was taken decades ago. Oh, and it’s made for thick hair.

10. Textured Pixie


Thick hair can handle nearly all types of pixie cuts, so you have a lot of options. With a classic pixie, make sure it’s textured to avoid bulk at the sides and keep the volume on top.

11. French Bob


A properly cut French bob respects natural hair texture, so the end result is a gorgeous low-maintenance look with lots of movement and understated Parisian charm.

12. Layered Cut With Wispy Bangs


Below the chin but above the shoulders is considered an awkward hair length, but this layered style is pure elegance. Bouncy, pretty and delicate, the shape of this haircut is usually seen on longer hair, so it has quite a different vibe from a bob.

13. Blunt Choppy Bob


This short bob is both blunt and choppy and works beautifully with thick hair. It’s lightweight and super manageable, and will always make you feel like an it-girl.

14. Layered Bixie


Bixie—the cut halfway between bob and pixie—was huge in the late ’90s and early ’00s, and it’s coming back, big time. Like every retro trend, it’s a little different this time around and worth exploring, if it suits your aesthetic.

15. Layered Bob


The layered bob is the essential short hairstyle for thick hair: it adds texture and dimension while reducing bulkiness.

16. Long Wavy Pixie


This short and textured cut is one of the most low-maintenance looks for naturally wavy hair. It has volume and definition, and it’s as cute as it’s manageable.

17. Choppy Bixie


With lots of texture and movement added with with choppy layers, this cute and trendy cut looks amazing with a tousled finish.

18. Apple Cut


The elegant, attractive shape of the apple cut is the reason why it’s one of short haircut staples. Wispy bangs can be hidden or worn across the forehead for two different looks.

19. Textured Bob


Skinny ends aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer to keep the outline of your haircut chunky but want a flattering shape and a low-maintenance style, a textured bob guarantees both.

20. Tomboy Crop


The tomboy crop is a short and sweet style that focuses on clean lines and simplicity. Apply smoothing cream to damp hair and style with your fingers while drying for a light and airy look.

21. Short Shag


Like its longer cousin, the short shag is a super versatile and wearable haircut. Choppy layers and a textured finish add lots of dimension, especially for thick hair.