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24 Straight Hairstyles Packed With Volume And Texture

24 Straight Hairstyles Packed With Volume And Texture

Straight hair might not be as complicated as curls or waves, but every hair type has its own challenges. Your stick-straight strands can often fall limp and flat, no matter how much you try to pump up the volume.

The fix? Finding the right haircut for your hair texture—and we’ve got you covered. Take your pick from our careful selection of straight hairstyles for all hair lengths and style aesthetics.

1. Blunt Bob

You might think a blunt bob would weigh down straight hair, but it’s actually the opposite: its short length and light weight add volume and bounce. To add some extra texture, use a flat iron to create some subtle waves, focusing on the pieces near your face.

2. Long Layers And Wispy Bangs

Long straight hair can look limp, especially if it’s fine or thin, but layers will easily solve this problem: they give your tresses texture and lift, adding much-needed volume. Bonus: they create a lovely frame for your face, like in this pretty haircut that completes the look with wispy see-through bangs.

3. Shoulder-Length Hair With Face Framing

The challenge of thick straight hair is its weight: it can drag your tresses down, creating flat hair on top and bulk on the bottom. A few face-framing layers can make all the difference, as they release your strands, allowing them to move and bounce freely.

4. Straight Bixie Hairstyle

The bixie is lightweight and versatile, perfect for a fun summer chop. Tucked behind the ear, dressed up with accessories or tousled—every way you style it creates a wholly different look. Plus, it grows out beautifully, so you won’t need another trim until fall rolls around.

5. Long Hair With Bangs

Love having long hair but you don’t like layers? If you’re dealing with flat hair on top and struggling to figure out how to wear your sleek tresses around the face, consider adding any type of bangs. Even the lightest, wispiest style like these will do the trick, framing your face and creating lift.

6. Choppy Layered Lob

For those with straight hair looking for an easy way to get a tousled look, the answer lies in choppy layers. They instantly create the texture your hair needs and cut down on styling time. This fabulous choppy lob has body and volume, and a quick spritz of texture spray and a bit of of scrunching is all it takes to style it.

7. Razor-Cut Bob With Face-Framing

Introducing the razor-cut bob: a wearable, easy-to-manage haircut with textured ends and tailored face framing. This style has an effortless, lived-in look while adding texture and dimension to straight locks.

8. Short Wolf Cut

The wolf cut works with all hair types and lengths and can be customized to suit your features and flatter your face. When you’re ready to say goodbye to long straight locks, why not consider this cool, trendy haircut?

9. Wispy ’90s Layers

All things ’90s have taken root in today’s trends, with layered haircuts reclaiming their status as a staple. Among them, the iconic Rachel cut stands out for those with straight hair as a versatile look that never looks dated.

10. Side Part Sleek Bob

With its sharp, clean lines, a sleek bob really brings out the smoothness of straight hair. The rounded side part creates lift, preventing a flat top and creating a sexy face frame.

11. Choppy Pixie

A charming choppy pixie accentuates the features and has an effortless tousled look. Styling the fringe diagonally creates a softer, more feminine look.

12. Textured Lob

Texturizing layers give this lob movement, volume and a messy, undone feel. It looks best when it’s styled imperfectly—a bit of frizz is welcome!

13. Sleek Hair With Bangs

Sleek hair and bangs is a classic combo that always looks good. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; there’s a lot you can do, starting with how you style your bangs— you can part them, sweep them to the side, or hide them away when you’re in the mood.

14. Short Jellyfish Haircut

The jellyfish haircut is a disconnected, heavily layered blend of shag and the hime cut. This edgy, high-maintenance look requires committing to regular trims but looks striking, especially on straight hair.

15. Layered Bixie With Bangs

A sleek, rounded bixie with airy bangs is an elegant, no fuss haircut ideal if you’re looking for a polished style that doesn’t require much effort. Run a brush trough it when you want it to be extra sleek, or let air dry to create a laid-back look.

16. Textured Lob With Bangs

Subtle layers or texturizing hair-cutting techniques create dimension and movement in straight hair, and a few front pieces or bangs complement the look. To add even more texture to your lob, use texturizing products such as sea salt spray or dry shampoo to create volume and separation.

17. Flippy Straight Hair

When you’re not going for a sleek look for your straight tresses, it’s all about movement, lift and texture—and the trending layered cut with flippy ends has them all.

18. Bixie Cut

The bixie is the haircut of the summer: it’s an easy and flattering style that can be worn in many ways and looks just as good if you skip a trim or two.

19. Straight Hairstyle With Face-Framing Layers

To add lift and movement to long layered hair, use a volumizing mousse or spray at the roots and blow-dry with a round brush for that bombshell volume.

20. One-Length Bob

The sharp, uniform lines of a one-length bob accentuate the natural smoothness of straight hair, and if you keep it chin-length or shorter, flat and limp tresses shouldn’t be an issue.

21. Short Shag

The shorter the layers, the more texture they add. Exhibit A: this ultra-short shag that’s all texture and choppy layers.

22. Straight Bob Hairstyle

A sleek bob with a middle part is a classic choice for those with straight hair, but how do you avoid flat hair on top without adding texture? The secret is in the outline. This isn’t a blunt bob—it has long, subtle layers that move and create beveled ends.

23. Short Layered Bob

Perfect for running your fingers through your hair, this short layered bob will frame your face while looking effortless.

24. Tomboy Pixie Cut

Long for a pixie, short compared to most other hairstyles, this bouncy cut is incredibly flattering when you find the ideal shape for your face. Avoid trial and error by consulting your stylist on the perfect length and layering style for you.