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22 Cuts With Choppy Layers That Fuse Beauty And Function

22 Cuts With Choppy Layers That Fuse Beauty And Function

If you’re ready to create lasting volume and set a new shape to your hair, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered the most flattering cuts with choppy layers that will have you calling your hairdresser ASAP.

These layers will help you achieve the voluminous, tousled look with minimal effort. It’ll also add depth to the hair and enhance your natural texture.

1. Choppy Layers On Short Hair

Choppy layers add the illusion of thickness to short hair, and it’s the perfect way to make your hair look fuller. These choppy haircuts radiate youthful vibes and that is why women over 50 adore them. 

2. Choppy Layers On Shoulder-Length Hair

Shoulder length is the best, most chic, and most practical hair length, without a doubt. Oh, get these choppy layers if you want to add more body and movement to this simple cut.

3. Choppy Layers On Mid-Length Hair

Medium lengths are always at the very top of the list of most common haircuts. Add choppy layers, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the low-maintenance, trendy look.

4. Choppy Layers On Long Hair

Long hair may sometimes lack moisture and shine. Choppy layers are a great way to turn things around and elevate your hairstyle.

5. Choppy Bob

I understand why bob haircuts are the most common and wanted among women over 30 who have minimum or no time to style their hair every single day. These cuts don’t require much effort, especially when they are done with these choppy layers.

6. Lob With Choppy Layers

If your hair lacks volume, there are two ways you can fix that. The first is to get a lob cut that will give the illusion of thicker hair, and the second is to create choppy layers that will make your man look more voluminous.

7. 90s Choppy Hair

These big, voluminous blowout hairstyles with choppy layers can feel reminiscent of the ’90s. The hair looked rich in volume, texture, and movement. Also, these choppy, high-in-volume looks are undeniably chic and worthy of recreation. 

8. Choppy Face-Framing Layers

Try these choppy, face-framing layers if you want to frame the face and enhance your facial features while adding more volume and bounce to your flat hair. Leave those layers around your face a bit longer, let them fall past your cheekbones, and you’ll also get that cascading effect.

9. Choppy Butterfly Layers

The choppy layers through the butterfly cut, especially at the ends, contribute to the extra volume and definition. The butterfly cut with choppy layers is particularly great for thin hair because it’ll give that fuller feeling to the hair.

10. Short Shag With Choppy Layers

The thing that can always help you recognize a shag cut are these choppy layers that give the hair that enviable volume. Regardless of your hair texture, with a shag cut, you’ll always have that trendy and sharp look.

11. Choppy Layers On Straight Hair

Girls, if you want to add movement to your stick-straight hair, here is the best way. Adding choppy layers in the front will provide edgier vibes to your look, make your strands bounce, and totally revive your mane.

12. Shaggy Long Hair With Lots Of Choppy Layers

For all of my ladies with fine hair, here is a look that will demand little to no styling efforts. The more of these choppy short layers you add, the more voluminous and textured your fine strands will look.

13. Choppy Layers On Wavy Hair

Here is a great example of how choppy layers work on every hair texture. In this case, they blend nicely with these waves and create a sophisticated, flattering look.

14. Textured Choppy Layers

The more texture you add to your hair, the fuller it will look. These textured choppy layers aren’t only good for maximizing hair volume but also for removing the bulk from the ends and keeping the hair healthy.

15. Choppy Layers For Thin Hair

You have naturally thin hair, and no matter what you do and how you try to make it look thicker, it always ends unsuccessfully. Well, it’s time to change that because, with this hack, your hair will appear fuller than you could ever imagine.

Ask your hairdresser to do vertical and horizontal choppy layers all over your hair, focusing on the front and ends the most. Leave a few short layers in the front to elevate that feeling of thickness.

16. Mullet Cut With Choppy Layers

Mullet cuts are back on the rise, and we are so glad because of it. These disconnected, choppy layers boost volume and bring in those sassy and edgy vibes that make this look way cooler.

17. Messy Hair With Choppy Layers

One thing about messy hair we should all appreciate, except its stylish look, of course, is that it takes hair volume to the maximum without weighing it down.

Choppy layers project those messy vibes, and it’ll be easy to recreate this look. All you need to do is shake out your hair with your hands after you dry it, and you’ll get this messy, voluminous hairstyle.

18. Choppy Curly Hair

Choppy layers are true lifesavers for women with curly hair, especially those with coarse and thick hair texture. These layers will minimize frizz and tangling. Also, they’ll give your curls that silky look and bounce.

19. Razored Choppy Layers

Razored choppy layers are a great option for all ladies who want light-weight but voluminous hair. However, if you have thinned-out or damaged ends, you should reconsider getting these layers because they may result in getting the split ends.

20. Choppy Layers For Round Face

Carefully placed, face-framing choppy layers have a slimming effect that is perfect for women with round faces. Choppy layers will highlight the structure of your cheekbones and instantly make your face appear longer.

21. Choppy Layers With Curtain Bangs

I always say that curtain bangs complement every hairstyle, haircut, and hair texture, and this is yet another proof in a row. Choppy layers will enhance your mane with volume. Besides the stunning visual effect curtain bangs offer, they will create softness and balance around your face.

22. Choppy Pixie Cut

One thing is for sure, only bold and fiery women can rock this rebel, choppy pixie cut. The number and placement of these choppy layers will give you that fresh, trendy look and make your best features pop.