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50 Hottest Mahogany Hair Color Trends For 2024

50 Hottest Mahogany Hair Color Trends For 2024

Classic mahogany hair color is a rich combination of red undertones and a brown base. But trust me, there is much more to this luxurious hue. And if you read on, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

1. Deep Mahogany

Deep mahogany is, without a doubt, the color of the season. What makes it even more interesting are these dark purple undertones.

2. Mahogany Dark Auburn Hair Color

Do you like auburn hair color? In that case, I promise you’ll love mahogany dark auburn even more.

3. Mahogany Dark Red Hair Color

Let’s face it, when you think of mahogany, you think of red. But I bet even you couldn’t imagine this beautiful mahogany dark red hair color!

4. Dark Mahogany Hair Color

Remember when I told you mahogany has so much to offer? Well, lately, women have been going crazy over this dark mahogany hair color.

5. Red Mahogany Hair Color

Here is the classic example of highlights in red mahogany hair color. Just look at the vibe they give to your hair.

6. Mahogany Copper Balayage

If you’re looking for the best way to spice up your hairstyle, mahogany copper balayage is probably the best road to take.

7. Mahogany Brown With Highlights

Mahogany brown highlights is all about luxury. It’s easy to maintain and it suits all complexions and skin undertones.

8. Dark Brown Mahogany Hair Color

If you’re wondering whether to get dark brown mahogany hair color, once you see how it looks under the Sun, all of your doubts will go away.

9. Golden Mahogany Brown Hair Color

Golden mahogany brown hair color should be your top pick if you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet fabulous hair color.

10. Mahogany On Black Hair

How does mahogany on black hair look like? Well, as you can see, fabulous.

11. Violet Mahogany Hair Color

Violet mahogany hair color is just the right shade for all of you who can’t decide between edgy and business shades.

12. Chocolate Mahagony Hair Color

If you have warm skin undertone, look no further and go with chocolate mahogany hair color right now.

13. Copper Mahogany Blend

Copper mahogany blend is everything you’ve been looking for in a hair color. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with it at first sight.

14. Plum Mahogany

Plum mahogany is probably one of the boldest shades of this reddish-brown hair color. Are you brave enough to choose it?

15. Chocolate Cherry Mahogany Highlights On Black Hair

Chocolate cherry mahogany highlights on black hair is the ultimate banger of the season. Just look at this inspo pic and you’ll understand why.

16. Mahogany Transformation

If you’re still not sure about dyeing your hair, just take another look at this impressive mahogany transformation. I’m pretty sure it will help you make up your mind.

17. Mahogany Red Brown Blend With Chocolate Brown

Mahogany red brown blend with chocolate brown might sound like too much but trust me, it’s one of the best combinations you’ll find.

18. Bright Mahogany

Bright mahogany is the pairing of bright red and classic mahogany. And what a marvelous couple the two of them make.

19. Mahogany Hues On Dark Hair

Mahogany looks exceptionally well on almost all hair colors but mahogany hues on black hair are out of this world.

20. Mahogany Choppy Layered Bixie Cut

Can’t decide between a pixie and a bob cut? Don’t worry, a mahogany choppy layered bixie cut is here for your rescue.

21. Merlot Mahogany

How romantic and intriguing does marlot mahogany sound? Well, the good news is that it looks even better.

22. Dark Hair With Red Mahogany Ombre

Dark hair with mahogany ombre is a one-of-a-kind low-maintenance hairstyle that looks great on ladies of all age groups.

23. Mahogany Highlights

Do you consider getting mahogany highlights? In that case, this is the inspo pic you’ve been looking for.

24. Red Highlights On Dark Mahogany Base

Red highlights on dark mahogany base will give your hair a new, fresh look and they will transform your appearance forever.

25. Rich Mahogany Auburn

Rich mahogany auburn looks more expensive and luxurious than any other color. Most importantly, it will help you look better than ever.

26. Brunette Red Wine Mahogany

If you’re still searching for the perfect mahogany hue, brunette red wine mahogany has everything you need: hues of brown, red, and it gives depth to your hair.

27. Dark Raspberry Red

Dark raspberry red contains notes of red, violet, black, and even pink. This is why you need a skilled hair colorist if you choose this shade.

28. Mahogany Balayage

Forget about blonde balayage. It’s time for something new and improved. That’s right, I’m talking about mahogany balayage.

29. Mahogany Brown

Mahogany brown is a classic, simple hairstyle that won’t draw much attention. However, it is incredibly easy to maintain and it suits all skin tones.

30. Mahogany Brown Wavy Hair

One thing is for sure: mahogany wavy hair will skyrocket your confidence. I promise you, everyone will ask you where you got your inspiration.

31. Coral Mahogany

Coral is peachy hue while mahogany is reddish-brown. Combine these two together and you’ll get an eye-catching coral mahogany you’ll absolutely love.

32. Mahogany Berry Painted Curls

How fun and flirty are these mahogany berry painted curls? If you have naturally curly hair, this is the way to freshen your style.

33. Mahogany For Older Ladies

Is mahogany for old ladies a good idea? Absolutely yes. It doesn’t only offer excellent coverage; it also makes you look much younger.

34. Mahogany Pixie Cut

Mahogany pixie cut is the best thing you can do to you short hair. It will bring a dash of femininity to your looks while allowing you to keep your individuality intact.

35. Mahogany Afro

The mahogany afro is an authentic, unique, and bold hairstyle nobody can stay indifferent to. Plus, this shade will go great with your dark base color.

36. Light Mahogany Pearl Blonde

Are you a natural blonde who has fallen in love with mahogany hair color? In that case, I have exactly what you need: light mahogany pearl blonde.

37. Copper Mahogany Blonde

Don’t worry, we’re not with blonde and mahogany mixtures. I mean, it would be a shame if you missed this copper mahogany blonde.

38. Mahogany Shoulder-Length

A mahogany shoulder-length hairdo is a great way to add some refreshment to your tresses and to get yourself an eye-catching style.

39. Mahogany Blends On Layered Cut

Did someone say mahogany blends on a layered cut? You’re right, it really is an ideal combination that gives your hair the illusion of thickness.

40. Cranberry Breeze Mahogany

If you want some undivided attention, cranberry breeze mahogany is the hair color for you. It’s romantic but mysterious at the same time.

41. Mahogany Blonde Balayage

Mahogany blonde balayage gives your hair natural-looking shades and creates a natural sunlightness in your tresses.

42. Mahogany Bob Cut

Looking for the trendiest bob hairstyles this season? The answer is only one: mahogany bob cut!

43. Mahogany Light Brown

Mahogany old brown sends an old money vibe that has been trending lately all over social media. And the bonus side is that it’s quite low-maintenance.

44. Warm Mahogany Shade

If you have a skin with yellow undertone, what you need is a combination of warm mahogany shades. Trust me, this hue will put the focus on your beautiful complexion.

45. Mahogany Hair With Bright Red Money Piece

Add a bright red money piece to your mahogany base color if you’re ready to take things a step further and juice up your style.

46. Hibiscus Mahogany

How elegant and classy is this hibiscus mahogany? It’s giving Bree van der Camp vibes and I know we all love her.

47. Mahogany Copper Brown

You have copper, mahogany, and brown. It sounds like a formula for success to me. And it sure looks that way as well.

48. Mahogany Medium Length

Medium-length hair should never be boring. That’s why you should dye yours mahogany; to keep the spark alive.

49. Deep Dimensional Mahogany

The name says it pretty much everything: deep dimensional mahogany will give your tresses the depth, and dimension your hair craves.

50. Mahogany Brown Lob

Once you try this mahogany brown long bob, you’ll never want to go back to your old cut or hair color. I mean, who would?