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20 Short Summer Hair Ideas That Will Make You Forget Long Hair Exists

20 Short Summer Hair Ideas That Will Make You Forget Long Hair Exists

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for a new hairstyle. If you’re still searching for your next look, here’s a suggestion: go short. You won’t regret it—and if you do, you’ll be well on your way to growing your hair out by fall.

We’re huge fans of short hair for the summer and not just because we don’t want to go near a blowdryer in this heat: it’s easy, it’s cute and it lets you have fun. Read on to see what else is great about short summer hair.

1. Short Wolf Cut

Those who want short hair, but don’t want to wear it just one way will love the short wolf cut. It’s fresh and edgy, but it can be pinned up and tied back to create wholly different looks.

2. Choppy Pixie Cut

A short, choppy pixie is just about the easiest haircut you can get—it’s pretty much wash and go. This style with lots of texture and volume on top elongates the face and looks amazing on round and oval face shapes.

3. Textured Bob

The textured bob is constantly going through slight changes to keep up with trends. Here’s our obsession for the summer: razor-cut bob with flippy ends. So fresh!

4. TWA

Thinking of getting the big chop? Parting with long hair can be emotional, but the ease of having a TWA will make up for it. Plus, your face will get all the attention and you’ll be able to flaunt those earrings while enjoying your adorable hairstyle.

5. Tomboy Pixie

The key to a flattering haircut is its shape—a long pixie cut that falls just right can perfectly frame your face and make you look amazing. If you’re pixie-curious, talk to your stylist to come up with the right one for you.

6. Fluffy Bixie

The bixie cut is everyone’s latest ’90s obsession, and we can see why: it has just enough length and layers to tousle and have movement while looking effortless and cool. Perfect for the summer.

7. Italian Bob

The elegant one-length bob will always be around. We might have different names for it depending on how we style it, but this easy and beautiful haircut will stay relevant forever.

8. Micro Bob

The earlobe-grazing, low-maintenance, barely-there micro bob was everywhere this spring, and you can expect it to get even hotter for the summer.

9. Vivid Colors

Summer is the perfect time to play with your hair: it goes by quickly before you have to get back to your regular schedule, but while it lasts, it’s everything. What better time is there to buzz off your hair and dye it green than the summer?

10. Bleached Hair

There’s no shortage of reasons why short hair rules, but the fact that it grows out and you have to trim is a big one. Trims mean healthier ends, which makes it easier to bleach and dye your hair more carelessly and play with fun summer hair colors.

11. Modern Mullet

By now, the modern mullet has entered the mainstream and you don’t have to be edgy to wear it. Well, maybe it can be a bit edgy, but if you don’t get a little wild in the summer, when can you?

12. Blunt Bob

When in doubt, get a blunt-cut bob. It’s simple and classic, which means you can do just about anything with it. Style it sleek or messy, go classic brunette or dye it neon red, wear it to the office and the beach, and it’s perfect for all of it.

13. Shaggy Pixie

This cute and fresh pixie has the layering and the movement that make it resemble a miniature shag, but it’s even easier to wear in the summer than the long version.

14. Layered Bob

This haircut is blurring the lines between the bob, the wolf cut, the jellyfish cut and even the hime cut, but let’s simplify things and call it a layered bob. Describing a haircut with particular details like this one to your stylist can be difficult, so it’s best to bring multiple inspo pictures.

15. French Bob

What can be said about the French bob except that it’s the best haircut ever? It looks flawless no matter the season, but if you’ve been on the fence whether you should get the chop, summertime is the right time to go for it.

16. Box Braids Bob

Long, cascading box braids are glamorous and beautiful, but they can be too heavy and bulky for hot summer days. Bob-length box braids, however, are just as gorgeous but they won’t make you sweat!

17. Short Shag

Don’t want to go completely short for the summer? A short shag still has some length, but because of heavy layering, it’s lightweight and super manageable.

18. Curly Crop

Short curly hair cut so that it allows the curls to take shape will look good fresh and stay lovely as it grows out.

19. Wavy Bob

The bob can do anything long hair can, and here’s proof: tousled beach waves for short hair.

20. Choppy Bixie

Choppy haircuts work equally well for thick and thin hair, giving both texture and movement and making styling easier. With that in mind, can we say that a short choppy bixie is the haircut of the summer?