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20 Face-Framing Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Ditch Long Hair

20 Face-Framing Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Ditch Long Hair

Hair trends come and go, but the bob is forever. It continues to evolve and adapt, which makes it so enduring. With a ton of options to suit every taste, it’s no surprise that bob hairstyles are always relevant.

Let’s take a look at this years’ top face-framing bob haircuts that will keep you looking fabulous and on-trend.

1. Face-Framing Midi Bob


With its strong outline, the midi bob is a nod to the fabulous and popular ’90s bob, but instead of a chunky feel, it has soft ends that give off a classic vibe. The long bangs take care of the face-framing in the most gorgeous way.

2. Textured Lob With Bangs


Need a style that’s trendy but doesn’t demand hairstyling expertize? You can’t go wrong with a textured lob. The texturizing layers add body and dimension, so you can easily achieve a lived-in look: a little styling cream on damp hair should be enough.

3. Mushroom Bob With Bangs


The cute mushroom shape is a fresh take on the classic French bob that’s got a modern feeel but still looks classic. The face-framing layers and the parted bangs are the cherry on top!

4. Old Money Bob

The voluminous yet understated old money bob is the perfect pairing to your newest quiet luxury outfit: classy, timeless and expensive. And this face-framing? Designer-level quality.

5. Micro Bob With Bangs


The micro bob is one of the hottest looks of the year, thanks to how easy it is to wear and how fresh it looks. Here, the shattered fringe and choppy face-framing layers are cool and flattering, plus, this edgy choppy bob takes no effort at all to style.

6. Blunt Lob With Choppy Bangs


The long blunt-cut bob is a classic at this point because it never fails to impress. The layers add texture and it’s easy to achieve a piece-y look, while the subtle face-framing gets an extra boost from the choppy narrow bangs that fit right in.

7. Italian Bob


The long and luxurious Italian bob will make you look and feel like a diva. Drama? Check. Glamour? Double-check.

8. Layered Face-Framing Bob


This short layered bob is breezy and lightweight, just begging for your fingers to run through it. Switch out your parting to refresh the volume on top and let the front strands fall across your face in an alluring way.

9. Face-Framing Bob Haircut


If you’re a fan of bobs, this style is a keeper. It’s got the sharp, blunt ends that give it that crisp bob look, the long face-framing strands that fall freely to flatter the features and the laid-back vibe we just can’t seem to get enough of.

10. Chopped Bob


Short, blunt, and textured: basically the easiest bob. The slightly shorter layers at the front handle all your face-framing needs with this style, creating the right amount contrast with the sharp blunt ends.

11. Classic Face-Framing Bob 


The rounded ends, wispy bangs, and the face-framing layers team up to craft a gorgeous style with a classic, timeless charm. The beauty of this look is that even with playful colors, it still maintains the same vibe.

12. French Bob


Cut slightly longer in the front, the outline of a French bob naturally forms a beautiful and charming frame for your face. Whether you go for thick, blunt bangs is entirely up to you—feel free to skip them altogether or choose the type of bangs that works for your own face shape.

13. Baroque Bob


The newly-trending Baroque bob is all about looking opulent. It usually falls just above the shoulders, featuring a blunt cut with lots of layers that add both volume and texture. Glamorous!

14. Blunt Bob With Curtain Bangs


The blunt textured bob with curtain bangs needs no introduction. It’s been around for a while, but it has stood the test of time, thanks to being so flattering and low-maintenance.

15. Choppy Bob With Bangs


The trendy and bold choppy bob has a secret: it’s so easy to style, that it’s actually effortless. This look is perfect for those who want to stand out without lifting a finger.

16. ’90s Bob With Bangs


The charm of the ’90s bob is in how well it plays with your natural hair texture. To make it work, it needs to be cut precisely, so make sure to communicate your vision clearly to your stylist.

17. Blunt Face-Framing Bob


The long layers near the face offset the sharp edges and create a gorgeous face frame, adding softness that highlights the features.

18. Soft Box Bob


The soft box bob is a recent take on the classic mid-length bob with layers, and just as versatile. It’s the kind of style that never goes out of fashion and can look soft or polished depending on how you style it.

19. Blunt Bob With Bangs


Reclaim your time and unleash your inner rebel with a choppy blunt bob with razored bangs. It’s edgy, it’s cool, and it’s super easy to style.

20. Short Layered Bob


You can frame your face in various ways: with long layers, various styles of bangs or wispy ends. Here, the tapered sides transofrm this bob into a tiny shag that matches the razored micro bangs perfectly.