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40 Up-To-Date Inverted Bob With Bangs Hairstyles

40 Up-To-Date Inverted Bob With Bangs Hairstyles

The inverted bob is shorter at the neck and gets longer towards the face. It can be worn in various ways; tailored to flatter your face and draw attention to your favorite features.

Take your haircut a step further by adding bangs—the face-framing pieces will make sure that your style suits you perfectly. Here’s how to wear the inverted bob with bangs.

1. Inverted Bob With Side Bangs


This inverted bob with side bangs is a study in balance: the subtle angle and the tasteful side-swept bangs contrast the vivid, intense colors—and yet the whole hairstyle is perfectly harmonious.

2. Inverted Bob Haircut With Bangs


Stacked layers create a perfect canvas to show off interesting colors. This gorgeous combination of pale lavender and black is even more special thanks to the stripes in the front.

3. Inverted Layered Bob With Bangs


Stacked layers in the back create a lift and visually boost thin hair. To get the full effect of your inverted bob, scrunch in some texturizing product to create a modern messy look.

4. Choppy Inverted Bob With Fringe


A jaw-length bob suits diamond-shaped faces with prominent cheekbones, as well as heart-shaped faces with a narrow chin. Both of these face shapes benefit from volume at the crown created by the layers in the back.

5. Layered Inverted Bob With Bangs


Thanks to the elegant wispy bangs, this subtle layered bob with bangs is exceptionally flattering even when the strands around the face are tucked behind the ears.

6. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs And Layers


When deciding on the style of your bob, the shape of your face is the most important factor. Pairing opposites achieves balance, so if your face is angular, go for a rounded bob; and if your face is soft, go with a choppy or blunt haircut.

7. Inverted Stacked Bob With Side Bangs


With a few stacked layers, an inverted bob makes thin hair appear much thicker, while darker roots create dimension and visually add even more volume.

8. Inverted Bob Hairstyle With Bangs


Volume at the crown draws the eye upward, so ask for layers on top if you have a long face and you want it to appear shorter.

9. Long Inverted Bob With Bangs


An inverted bob looks effortless and cool as a result of choppy layers and bangs. Longer strands in front create an angular look that perfectly suits the undone style.

10. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs


The inverted pixie bob gives you multiple looks and styling it is a snap—tucked behind the ears, it’s a completely different style than when it’s worn loose.

11. Choppy Inverted Bob With Bangs


Inverted choppy bobs are pure magic for thin hair that needs volume, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one if your hair is thick—removing the bulk in the back will make it bouncy and light.

12. Stacked Inverted Bob With Bangs


Lots of layers and different lengths create a complex, interesting style, but a style like this takes a lot of maintenance—both when it comes to styling and salon appointments.

13. Inverted Bob With Blunt Bangs


To flatter an angular face shape, go for a rounded bob and rounded bangs. It will soften the face and balance the overall style.

14. Longer Inverted Bob With Bangs


Different types of fringe work with a bob, such as these choppy full bangs. They contrast the blunt ends and give the haircut character.

15. Inverted Bob With Curtain Bangs


These middle parted long bangs are in perfect harmony with this breezy, understated inverted bob—classic and elegant.

16. Curly Inverted Bob With Bangs


This angled bob is already voluminous, and the waves give it even more oomph— get your curling iron out if you want to boost the volume to the max.

17. Inverted Bob With Bangs And Layers


This choppy inverted bob is full of dimension and movement, with extra volume at the crown. The bangs create a gorgeous frame, and thanks to the wispy texture, most face shapes can pull them off.

18. Inverted Bob With Side Swept Bangs


Thick hair gets weighed down and can end up looking triangular at bob lengths. Ask your stylist for fine layers to thin the ends and create lift in the back if you want to tame your thick hair.

19. Long Inverted Bob With Fringe


An inverted bob can be dramatic and extravagantly voluminous, or subtle and understated like this sleek cut for fine hair. Airy long fringe makes it even more delicate and pretty.

20. Short Layered Inverted Bob With Bangs


Piece-y layers and cool-toned lavender highlights turn this inverted bob into a lived-in, disheveled style.

21. Shaggy Inverted Bob With Bangs


If you usually prefer one-length haircuts, but your hair needs some body, try a subtly inverted bob—making it even slightly shorter in the back helps create lift and keep your hair from falling flat.

22. Short Inverted Bob Haircut With Bangs


Thick, straight across bangs can be overwhelming for a lot of face shapes, but a thinner, see-through version is much easier to pull off for most.

23. Thin Hair Inverted Bob With Bangs


Subtle layers and fluffy styling team up with short choppy bangs to create a romantic style that gives a boost to thin hair.

24. Medium Length Inverted Bob With Bangs


A spicy version of the classic straight bob includes seamless stacking in the back and an angled shape. The full bangs common for this cut work best with an oval face.

25. Long Inverted Bob With Side Swept Bangs


The inverted bob is shorter in the back than in the front. Adding long bangs changes its shape, while at the same time keeping the lift created by the shorter layers in the back.

26. Choppy Layered Inverted Bob With Bangs


Graduated layers in the back and the bangs of the same length create balance and an interesting shape. Super-short layers at the crown make this cut look extra playful.

27. Stacked Inverted Bob With Side Bangs


The color and the cut play off each other to create a lively hairstyle full of movement. Reds tend to wash out quickly, so you might need to visit the salon every four weeks.

28. Inverted Angled Bob With Bangs


Long side-swept bangs are an easy way to give your hairstyle a makeover—they frame the face and highlight the eyes and the lips.

29. Inverted Bob Haircut With Full Bangs


Full bangs, blunt ends and vibrant red color—this inverted bob is dramatic and edgy, but every part of it is a commitment. The opposite of low-maintenance.

30. Inverted Bob With Layers And Bangs


This short stacked bob is full and bouncy, and the long side-parted bangs make it even livelier—a cute and flirty style that doesn’t take much time to style.

31. Round Face Inverted Bob With Bangs


Tapered bangs are a great alternative to a straight-across style—they look great on many face shapes and bring attention to the eyes.

32. Inverted Bob With Layers And Curtain Bangs


Inverted bob hairstyles come in different forms, and this classic version is the epitome of lightness, with no bulk at the bottom and airy bangs.

33. Short Inverted Bob With Side Swept Bangs


Bangs just slightly shorter than the ends almost seem like layers, but they still serve the function of framing the face and making the hairstyle looser.

34. Short Stacked Inverted Bob With Bangs


Various styles of bangs work with the inverted bob. If you feel like experimenting, you can create a unique look that works for your face.

35. Short Inverted Bob With Side Bangs


There’s no much difference between a short inverted bob and a long pixie cut, but both are definitely attractive. Wispy bangs make this one particularly cute and delicate.

36. Long Inverted Bob With Side Bangs


A tousled long inverted bob has lots of volume and movement, thanks to the shorter layers in the back and texturizing layers.

37. Short Inverted Bob With Full Bangs


A long face works best with short length and short bangs, because longer styles can elongate it even more—a short inverted French bob is a great choice.

38. Medium Length Inverted Bob


Point-cutting the ends to thin them out creates a seamless style and a smooth finish, resulting in a chic and sophisticated haircut.

39. Choppy Layered Inverted Bob


Edgy choppy bob with tousled, piece-y texture and the wispy side bangs completes the rock chic look.

40. Funky Inverted Bob With Bangs


If you have a small face, big hair will make it seem even smaller. You can achieve balance with daintier styles, like this short inverted bob with soft bangs and a rounded shape.