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50 Lovely Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair To Try In 2024

50 Lovely Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair To Try In 2024

There is one ‘hairy’ issue all women struggle with… Finding the perfect hairstyle that will suit their face shape, facial features, hair type, and skin tone. Luckily, your favorite hairstylist is once again here to save you.

This fine collection covers the trendiest hairstyles for medium-length hair, all the way from classic hairstyles for every day to a bit funkier styles that can upgrade or totally transform your look.

1. Straight Medium Hair

Let’s start hard this time with this amazing transformation. This simple mid-length cut makes the hair look so much healthier and shiny.

2. Vanilla Blonde Waves

This is the perfect blonde hue for summer because it goes perfectly with tanned skin. Also, these waves will help you cope with all that summer heat and humidity.

3. Layers With Curtain Bangs

If you want to brighten and highlight that central part of your face, get curtain bangs. The graduate layers will also add volume and definition to your hair.

4. Curly Rezo Cut Hair

Curly hair has that voluminous texture, however, if you want to achieve that mega volume, you should ask your hairdresser to do you a Rezo cut. It’s a dry-cutting technique that will breathe new life into your curls and allow them to bounce freely.

5. Baby Blonde Ghost Cut

The main goal of the ghost haircut is to make it look like the whole hair is cut in the same length line. However, that is not the case because there are those ‘ghost’ layers hidden beneath the hair that enhance hair texture and volume.

6. Wedding Mid-Length Hairstyle

Curled half-up, half-down with a cute accessory is the most simple, yet most wanted and elegant wedding hairstyle.

7. Textured Ponytail

This low, textured ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for special occasions. Whether you choose an elegant suit, some classic, or even a gala dress, this look will match your outfit.

8. Korean Hairstyle

The see-through wispy bangs and textured bob/lob are the main features of the most popular Korean hairstyle. It’s classic, easy, and, most importantly, low maintenance.

9. Vintage 40s Curls

It really seems like these vintage curls are designed to show off all the flattering angles of a woman’s face, especially cheekbones and jawline.

10. Shaggy Razored Mullet

The only way you can rock a mullet hairstyle is if you’re a bold woman who isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair. The main advantage of a mullet is that this rebellious yet stylish hairstyle can make you look younger.

11. Easy Bubble Ponytail

Do you agree that this bubble ponytail looks so chic and flattering? The good news is that it’s an almost effortless hairstyle you can do at home.

First, you make the classic ponytail and smooth the baby hairs and frizz. Place one hair elastic every few inches and gently tug those sections with your fingers to create those fluffy bubbles. The final step is to grab a hairspray and lock those bubbles.

12. Choppy Layers

The layers always help make the hair look more voluminous. However, if you want to achieve that edgy texture and bring the volume to the max, ask for choppy layers next time you head to the salon.

13. Gray Hairstyle For Women Over 60

For all my wonderful ladies over 60, I always recommend the beautiful blowout lob hairstyle. Lobs are usually low-maintenance and the blowout will blast their natural gray hair and add volume to it.

14. Perm Mullet

For these soft, loose curls that create the ultra-modern wet look, always ask for a digital perm. Besides, a huge plus side is that they last longer than the traditional perm curls.

15. Triangle Knotless Box Braids

Now we’re talking about a real badass hairstyle for medium-length hair! Triangle knotless braids are one of the latest trends and they suit every woman just the perfectly same. No matter the occasion you need them for, this look will definitely grab everyone’s attention.

16. Feathered Layers And Chunky Highlights

The 90s chunky highlights and this feathered cut from the 70s make such an awesome match! Because of the flipped-out ends, this hairstyle will draw attention to your face and enhance your facial features.

17. Voluminous Blowout

Whenever you need a formal hairstyle, a good blowout will help save your day. That bouncy volume will make everyone look at your hair and you’ll definitely be the star of the night.

18. Low Auburn Braided Updo

I don’t know why but I feel like this auburn hue is created for these elegant updos and buns. This low bun is elegant by itself, but attaching a simple braid to it will add that feminine touch and make the entire look more romantic.

19. Voluminous Golden Lob

Trust me, your hair can never get too much volume. The strategically placed layers combined with curtain bangs will make your hair look fuller and it’ll get that dynamic, lively vibe.

20. Tiger Eye Balayage

The tiger eye balayage is a perfect choice for all the brunettes who want to brighten their color just a bit. These subtle highlights will make your hair and face look warmer.

21. Wavy Brunette

If you want to enrich your hair texture, a wavy mid-length hairstyle should be your go-to look. It’ll provide movement to your hair which will make it look more lively.

22. Tuck Hair Behind Ears

Tuck straight hair behind the ears is effortless, yet so stylish and classy. The main pros of this hairstyle are that it is timeless and versatile, you can wear it for casual as well as for special and formal outings.

23. Swoop Ponytail

Isn’t this the cutest hairstyle ever? The flipped ends and swoop bangs make this hairstyle look fancy, formal, youthful, and stylish at the same time. And yes, it suits everyone but the side-swept bangs usually flatter round faces the most.

24. Wolf Cut

Wolf cut suits most face shapes, however, it flatters the most round faces. The short layers in the front soften the facial features and add volume which can create the illusion of an elongated face.

25. Easy Mid-Length Hairstyle To Do At Home

Searching for a nice, stylish, DIY hairstyle? The half-up bun is one of those hairstyles every woman can do by herself. Oh also, another advantage (all women will absolutely love) of this hairstyle is that it can put off the hair wash day a little longer.

26. Shaggy Pink Dip

Dip dye is a trend that, by all accounts, plans to stick around. The wispy micro bangs suit best women with oval faces because they can elongate the head.

27. Side-Swept Hairstyle

Cara Delevingne

You’ll probably recognize this hairstyle as the most often look on the red carpet and similar occasions. It’s very elegant indeed and if you add a simple accessory like earrings or a fancy bobby pin, you’ll get that diva look.

28. Butterfly Layered Hairstyle

The butterfly’s wings-shaped layers will enhance your best facial features. Although it is not a rule, this hairstyle works better for thick hair with wavy or curly texture because it’s the only way the hair will get the full volume this cut offers.

29. Hollywood Curls

These curls are a lot tighter than the normal curls and that gives them a more fancy and elegant vibe. Also, that makes them last longer which is why many women choose them for some special occasions in the hope they will last for as much as they need them.

30. Flipped Out Ends

The long curtain bangs are a perfect match with the soft ends of this retro hairstyle and the elegant look they create together is simply breathtaking.

31. Amber Glaze With Birkin Bangs

It’s the most unusual combination but it still looks gorgeous! This red-strawberry blonde hair complements women with a golden skin tone and yellow undertone because warm hues always pair best with warm skin tones.

32. Billie Eilish-Inspired Mullet

I don’t have much to say about the mullet haircut. It was, is, and will probably forever be attractive. But, just look how these edgy, Billie Eilish-inspired face-framing highlights enhance and draw all the attention to her amazing green eyes.

33. Afro Space Buns

Here is a fun and playful look that works fine for every hair type and texture. Space buns are versatile because there are so many ways you can style them.

34. Headband Braid

The colors are wonderful and so unique. However, the thing that makes this hairstyle slay is the headband braid. It provides volume at the crown, which means it’s an ideal option for women with a round face or small head.

35. Dimensional Blonde With Shaggy Layers

Feathered layers will make your hair bounce and make it look more voluminous. This cut is perfect for women with thick hair because the layers cut off all the extra weight.

36. Stitch Braids With Baby Hair Bangs

The braids provide a badass look that gets a bit softened with these baby hair bangs. The number one advantage of stitch braids is that they protect the hair from damage. And the one busy women like the most is that they are long-lasting.

37. Shaggy Scrunchie Updo

Is there a girl out there who doesn’t have a scrunchie at home or has never bought one? Now, grab yours and make a messy updo or ponytail. Leave out bangs and a few strands at the front for an undone look that will compliment your messy updo.

38. Cool Tones And Bettie Bangs

The mid-forehead Bettie bangs are perfect for all those women who consider their eyebrows as their best facial feature and want to highlight them. However, if you choose these bangs, get used to having to trim them every 2-3 weeks.

39. Layered Razor Cut

This look is just another proof that beauty lies in simplicity. The layers highlight the face and the razor cut animates the hair to move and seem healthier.

40. Peacock Hair

A unique hairstyle that will gather attention everywhere you go. These highlights in tandem with the waves will create movement and make your hair look voluptuous.

41. Modern Shag

The biggest difference between a modern and traditional shag hairstyle lies in the definition of the layers. Unlike choppy traditional shag layers, the modern version of this cut offers swoopy, dimensional layers that make the hair look less messy but still provide the same voluminous effect.

42. Wavy Beach Hair

Beachy waves always look so effortless, yet very stylish. It also suits all face shapes and can work with most hair types and textures. That’s why it’s really no wonder why it’s among the top 5 most common female hairstyles.

43. Undercut With Side Braid

Badass undercut with a touch of elegant side braid. The best thing about the undercut is that you can absolutely personalize it and get the most unique hairstyle ever.

44. Bouncy Layers And Curtain Bangs

These flippy layers are full of that 70s vibe. They’re so bouncy and will give your strands the maximum movement.

45. Mermaid Waves Ponytail

The reason this ponytail looks so cute is because of these mermaid waves. And these two face-framing tendrils that give that mega cool 2000s vibe are what really sell this look.

46. Tapered Layers And Ginger Balayage

Unlike most hair colors, ginger works for everyone and this balayage is pretty low-maintenance. If you notice your hair is becoming brassy, just use a purple shampoo that is designed for ginger hair and you’ll get vibrant hair and shiny ginger tone again.

47. Pastel Green Lob With Blunt Bangs

Pastel hues are my favorites but unfortunately, not many women are bold enough to pull off these hair colors. Nevertheless, just look how great they go with pale skin.

If you’re afraid of the maintenance part or you aren’t sure will it suit you, you can always start with temporary hair dyes.

48. Y2K Hairstyle

This funky hairstyle was popular in the early 2000s but it got revived in the last two years. Y2K hairstyle is all about pigtails, space buns, chunky highlights, and such playful looks. These thick highlights are a great way to add depth and refresh your brown, dark color.

49. Octopus Hairstyle

Octopus is a shullet-like hairstyle with more angled bottom layers. The top layers are less choppy than with mullet or shag but they still contribute to rich hair volume and texture.

50. Blue-Gray Messy Waves

Blue and gray tones blended into this perfection are absolutely breathtaking. Obviously, they flatter women with light-colored eyes and pale to medium skin tones.