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50 Must-Try Red Brown Hair Trends For 2024

50 Must-Try Red Brown Hair Trends For 2024

Every red-brown hair color helps you achieve the elegant, high-fashion, chic look we all crave. And what’s even better, it is flattering for every skin tone. So just sit back, relax, and choose the best one for you.

1. Red Highlights On Brown Hair

If you want to freshen up your brown hair, red highlights should be your top pick. They’ll make you look younger and better.

2. Dark Red Brown Hair

Dark red-brown hair color is all about elegance, grace, and excellent taste. Show the world what a lady you actually are.

3. Caramel Brown Hair With Red Balayage

The trick for this hairstyle to work is for the red balayage to be as subtle as possible. That way, you’ll achieve the chic effect your want.

4. Brown Hair With Red Underneath

I guarantee you that this is one of the best peek-a-boo hairstyles you’ll ever see. The contrast of colors is what makes it so special.

5. Apothic Dark Red Brown

Apothic red-brown hair is a mysterious, eye-catching, and charming hair color. What more could a woman wish for?

6. Red Brown Natural Butterfly Cut

A butterfly cut is probably one of the trendiest hairstyles of the season. Why don’t pair it with a fashionable hair color?

7. Red Brown Pixie Cut

It’s time to bring some serious change to your pixie cut. And what could possibly be better than dyeing your hair red-brown?

8. Red Brown Curly Hair

Want to add even more dimension to your curly hair? Say no more. Here’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

9. Brown Hair With Pinkish Red Highlights

Pinkish-red highlights on brown hair give you a slightly funky look while still allowing you to keep your professional image alive.

10. Brown Hair With Caramel Red Highlights

I bet you had no idea caramel red highlights could look this awesome, especially when combined with a brown base color.

11. Classic Cowboy Copper

If you’ve been scrolling TikTok or basically social media lately (and I know you have), you couldn’t have missed the newest viral hair trend: cowboy copper hair. So, what are you waiting for to hop right on it?

12. Red Brown Hair For Older Ladies

Who says you have to have boring hair when you reach a certain age? When I said red-brown hair is for everyone, I really meant it.

13. Red Brown Balayage On Black Hair

How awesome is this red-brown balayage on black hair? Yes, it sends off some dark viber but you can’t help but notice how badass it is.

14. Mahogany Brown Highlights

Mahogany brown highlights on a darker base color are everything you’ve been dreaming about. If you don’t believe me, try them!

15. Raspberry Brown

Looking for inspo-pics to show to your hairstylist? Congratulations, because you’ve just found the perfect one.

16. Red Brown Medium Length Hair

If you have medium-length hair, trust me when I tell you that red-brown hair color simply calls your name.

17. Chocolate Red Brown

Do you want to be knocked off your feet? If the answer is yes, go for a chocolate red-brown hair color right now.

18. Burgundy Red Brown

Burgundy red-brown is especially flattering for girls with cool skin undertones and with a fair complexion since it gives your skin the contrast it needs.

19. Red Brown Copper

Copper is, without a doubt, one of the hottest trends in the hair industry right now. And as I hear it, it isn’t going anywhere either.

20. Different Shades Of Red Brown

A skilled hair colorist will know how to blend different shades of red-brown hair color seamlessly while giving you the look of your life.

21. Red Brown Balayage

Speaking of looking better than ever… Can any hair color really compere with this red-brown balayage? I didn’t think so.

22. Caramel Red Brown

You’ve heard about caramel blonde, and caramel brown but who could have guessed that caramel red looks so stunning?

23. Brick Red Balayage On Brown Hair

Brick red hue is one of the rarest hair colors in the world. If that’s not unique enough for you, choose brick red balayage on brown hair.

24. Dark Copper Red Brown

There is dark cooper, there is red, and finally there is brown. Is there too much going on here? No, if you choose a hair colorist who knows what they’re doing.

25. Natural Red Brown Hair

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be born with this stylish hair color. A good colorist will give you exactly what you want and make you look natural.

26. Black Cherry

We’re definitely not done with badassy and sassy hair colors. And this black cherry is the leader of the pack.

27. Light Red Brown Hair

Remember when I told you that red-brown hair color has something for every skin tone? Well, this is the diversity I was talking about.

28. Chocolate Cherry

There is only one word to describe this chocolate cherry hue: mesmerizing. It’s to beautiful you won’t be able to resist it.

29. Intense Red Brown Transformation

Just look at this transformation and you’ll understand why I keep telling you that red-brown hair is the color of the season!

30. Brown Hair With Red Babylights On Bangs

The red babylights on the bangs are incredibly subtle but that’s where the true beauty of this hairstyle lies.

31. Dimensional Red Brown Babylights

Who doesn’t want depth and dimension in their tresses? Well, here is the most attractive way to get it in no time.

32. Red Brown Wine

Are you a fan of red wine? If the answer is yes, you’ll be knocked off your feet by this incredible shade of red-brown hair color.

33. Cinnamon Red Brown

Cinnamon red-brown is the perfect hue for the fall. But hey, nobody says you are not allowed to wear it all year round.

34. Red And Caramel Highlights Blend

I guess we’re not done with caramel. But let’s face it, who could resist this one-of-a-kind caramel and red highlights blend?

35. Magenta Brown

Usually, magenta hair color is a mixture of red and violet hues. But this is not an ordinary magenta because this one right here has brown on top of it all.

36. Dark Brown Hair With Red Ombre And Red Money Piece

Red ombre and a red money piece are the secret ingredients that transform this hairstyle from boring to astonishing.

37. Dark Brown Hair With Cherry Red Ombre

I won’t lie to you: this cherry ombre is not the easiest thing to maintain. But when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll know all the trouble is worth it.

38. Medium Length Dark Brown Hair With Bright Red Money Piece

Wow! Here’s a perfect example of how you can revive your thin, dull, medium-length hair in just a few steps.

39. Red And Brown Split Dye

How can you combine red and brown to make an impression? That’s right, getting a red and brown split dye is the answer.

40. Brown Hair With Bright Red Ombre

Will this bright red ombre wash out soon? I’ll be honest with you and say absolutely yes. Does this mean you shouldn’t get it? Absolutely no!

41. Deep Dark Brown With Cherry Red Balayage

Here’s another red-brown hairstyle that gives you hair depth and therefore, makes it visually thicker and more voluminous.

42. Brown Hair With Subtle Red Babylights

If you’re still not sure about adding red to your base brown hair color, red babylights are a good start to your journey.

43. Medium Lenght Brown Hair With Chunky Red Highlights

On the other hand, if you’re 100% ready to go all the way in, chunky red highlights are just the thing you’ve been looking for.

44. Red And Brown Hair For Teenagers

What if your teenager wants to freshen up her look and dye her red but you’re scared it will produce too much damage? This inspo pic is your solution!

45. Dark Brown Hair With Intense Red Money Piece

The darker your base hair color is, the brighter your red money piece should be. Trust me, everyone will be wowed by your style.

46. Brown Hair With Red Underlights

This is another combination of colors that will get you people’s undivided attention: brown hair with red underlights.

47. Blended Red And Brown Hair

Stop whatever you’re doing and take this inspo-pic to your hair colorist right now. You can thank me later!

48. Bright Red And Brown Hair

This is probably one of the funkiest red-brown combinations out there. If you’re an adventurous girl who likes experimenting, this one is for you.

49. Red Brown Color On African American Hair

Red-brown hair color really looks good on every complexion and skin tone. African-Americal girls love it, and for a reason.

50. Dark Brown Hair With Auburn Underdye

Auburn hair color is the ultimate red and brown combination. But instead of dyeing all of your tresses, go with the underdye.