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These 19 Choppy Chin-Length Haircuts Are Taking Over Salons 

These 19 Choppy Chin-Length Haircuts Are Taking Over Salons 

If you’ve been afraid to do it by now, these ultra-modern, choppy chin-length haircuts will finally convince you to crop your hair.

No matter what face shape you have, these choppy bobs are sure to suit you. Most importantly, your hair will get that extra volume, body, and bounce and look shiny and healthy.

1. Choppy Hair With Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle means one thing: freedom. It’s a practically effortless but stylish look perfect for everyday wear as well as it is for some formal occasions.

Curtain bangs work for all face shapes and hair types, and make the absolute best match with this choppy chin-length cut. Besides, they open up the area around the eyes and cheekbones and draw attention to it.

2. Blunt Bob With Choppy Layers

The blunt bob is a timeless hairstyle that most women choose when they want to get a short haircut. However, sometimes, it may seem boring and lifeless, and you may wish to add more movement and volume to the hair.

The best way to do so is through these choppy layers. They won’t change the style too much but will make the hair look more lively and bouncier.

3. Choppy Bob With A Graduated Undercut

These graduated choppy layers in the back and the weight created in the crown give this bob such a voluminous and glamorous look. The longer strands at the front leave the face-framing effect that enhances facial features. 

4. Choppy Chin-Length Hair – Back View

I assume you want the back-view look to see how these choppy layers look from behind. Now, you must admit, it looks even better than in the front, right? The volume these layers create is simply stunning. 

5. Choppy Hair With Side Bangs

If you want to give a modern twist to the traditional bob cut, the combo of choppy layers and side bangs won’t betray you. Even though side bangs flatter round faces the most, they also work with all the other shapes. This look may seem simple, but be sure it’ll draw attention wherever you go.

6. Choppy Layered Chin-Length Bob

Here is a perfect example of a chic and modern hairstyle that can really make a woman look younger. The chin length is truly manageable, while these choppy layers are volume-enhancing and can create the illusion of fuller hair. Oh, these deep side fringe are just the icing on the cake.

7. Choppy Layers And Bangs For Thin Hair

Layers are the ultimate hack to give a fuller appearance to thin hair, especially these strategically placed choppy layers that add so much volume and dimension to those thin strands. Choppy bangs, on the other hand, enhance the eyes and work on softening the graze. 

8. Choppy Natural Curls

Maintaining natural curly hair can feel a lot sometimes, but you should really consider it a blessing and wear it proudly.

If you want to make that job easier, I have two words: choppy layers and chin length! Choppy layers will cut unnecessary weight off, and the shorter length will help define your curls and make them more manageable.

9. Inverted Choppy Bob

With a precisely made inverted angle and choppy layers, you can get the most elegant, stylish bob hairstyle for different occasions. It flatters women with round face shapes because the longer strands in the front elongate the face and give the illusion of a slimmer face. 

10. Choppy Bob For Thick Wavy Hair

The inverted shape of this bob instantly adds volume to the hair. Now, think about what happens when you pair it with choppy layers, the kings of volume. All that volume will tame your thick, wavy strands and help to make styling take less time.

11. Choppy Layers On Wavy Chin-Length Hair

The choppy layered chin-length cut will enhance the wavy texture of your hair and give you that natural look. Another thing choppy layers will do is allow your waves to bounce and flow more freely, adding a sense of liveliness to your hair. 

12. Choppy Shaggy Chin-Length Hair

The beauty of these choppy, shaggy cuts is that they’re versatile and suit basically everyone. If you add bangs to it, you’ll get the face-framing effect that will highlight your facial features and bring elegant vibes into your choppy shag.

13. Angled Choppy Cropped Bob

If you want to create that multi-dimensional look, ask for the angled, choppy layers that are slightly stacked in the back. You’ll have more weight at the crown, and that will maximize the hair volume. This cut radiates feminine vibes and would look good on everyone.

14. Dark Choppy Chin-Length Hair

Choppy layers will show off the movement of your dark strands and bring the shine back to your mane. Because of their incredible ability to define and enrich dark hair, it’s really no wonder they pair so well with darker shades. 

15. Tousled Choppy Layers

These tousled layers flatter every face shape and work with every hair type and texture, which is very important. The choppy cut achieves that effortless look we all long for and increases hair movement, depth, and volume.

16. 90s-Inspired Choppy Hair

The 90s bob is a perfect throwback to this era. Celebrities and women around the globe were absolutely obsessed with this hairstyle, and we are so glad it found its way back into fashion. It was cut bluntly with a few short, choppy layers in the front, and it’s definitely the coolest version of the classic bob haircut.

17. Choppy Chin-Length Curled Hair

Here is a go-to hairstyle for everyone who wants to look classy, elegant, and professional.

If you have thin hair, these choppy layers can add volume and give it a fuller appearance. On the other hand, if you’re struggling with thick hair, these layers will help release weight from your thick strands. To wrap it all up, these bouncy curls will make your mane look healthier and shinier.

18. Chin-Length Hair With Choppy Ends

These choppy ends exude a carefree and charming vibe. The deep side part enhances a woman’s facial features and allows her to show off her graceful neck.

19. Choppy Razor Cut

Here is a perfect cut for all my ladies who want to make their edgy personalities stand out. Razor cut mostly works for straight and wavy hair types, offers thinner ends, and makes the hair feel lighter without impacting its volume.