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Hair Color For Black Hair: 25 Ideas Worth Emulating

Hair Color For Black Hair: 25 Ideas Worth Emulating

It’s a common misconception that all black hair colors are in the same vein. But every hair colorist will tell you that there are actually tons of black hues for your locks. And this is the only chance you’ll get to discover all hair colors for black hair shades.

1. Soft Black

A soft black hair color is ideal for all those gentle girlies who want to dye their hair black but don’t want to end up appearing too harsh. This shade will make you look on point in an instant.

2. Natural Black

Is it possible to get a natural black hair color at the salon? Or do you have to be born with it? Well, with the right hair colorist, only sky is the limit. Your only job is to show them this inspo pic.

3. Icy Black

It’s time to bring your hair black hair game to a whole new level. And what better way to do it than by adding a dash of the lightest shade of blonde to it? That’s right, I’m talking about platinum blonde or icy blonde.

4. Smokey Blue Black

Smokey blue-black hair color gives you a mystifying look everyone will be intrigued and impressed by. It’s a luxury hue you’ll always want to go back to.

5. Chameleon Black

Why is this shade called Chameleon black? Well, with this incredible hue, you actually get more than one hair color— it all depends on the lighting. That is exactly what makes this look so unique— the diversity it gives you.

6. Violet Black

Speaking of one-of-a-kind hair colors… Violet black shade will make you stand out from the crowd and I promise that everyone will want to copy your look.

7. Blue Violet Black

Doesn’t blue-violet-black hair sound royal? Well, it looks even better. Don’t worry, a skilled hair colorist will know how to mix different dyes to get this perfect shade.

8. Brown Black

I get it, dyeing your tresses black requires a lot of commitment and it’s not an easy choice. What if you change your mind? Will it be difficult to get rid of the black? Luckily, I have a solution for you: brown black hair.

9. Chocolate Black

Yes, it is definitely possible to get that trendy “old money” look that social media has gone crazy for with black hair. All you need is this special shade: chocolate black. It’s ideal for you if you have a warm skin undertone.

10. Jet Black

Finally, we’ve come to the mother of all black hair colors: jet black. It’s the darkest, most intense, and deepest shade of black. And to be honest, the hardest to maintain.

11. Glossy Black

Glossy black is here to make your tresses look healthier and fresher than ever. But can you get this result by only dyeing your hair? Well, it depends on how you treat your locks in the process of aftercare. If you condition, hydrate, and nurture your hair properly, you might end up having these shiny locks.

12. Reddish Black

Is there a more powerful combination than red and black? I don’t think so. And I am sure that you’ll think the same way the moment you spot this amazing reddish-black hue.

13. Midnight Black

Loreal Paris celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Colombini calls midnight black an elevated version of ’90s grunge. But he also warns all natural brunettes and blondes: “If you’re coming from blonde or medium blonde, you’ll want to go in stages of two levels or use a filler to put pigment into the hair.” 

14. Midnight Blue Black

Midnight black and midnight blue black are the hottest trends in the hair industry right now but there is a slight difference between the two shades. Midnight blue black has a more reflective blue undertone and therefore, it’s even more flattering for girls with fair complexion.

15. Ashy Black

What’s every black-haired girl’s worst nightmare? That’s right— gray hair appearing. Well, now, you can cherish your natural look without having to give up on your favorite hair color. Ashy black is the answer because it gives you amazing gray coverage together with a chance to look better and younger than ever.

16. Dimensional Black

Dimensional black hue is all about adding different tones to your black base color. As a result, you get depth, movement, and the illusion of volume and thickness. It goes best when paired with a layered cut.

17. Onyx Black

Onyx black is an edgy, modern hair color that will redefine your entire style and skyrocket your confidence. If you want to look and feel cooler than ever, this should be your go-to shade.

18. Espresso Black

To be exact, espresso black is somewhere in between dark brown and black. The best thing about it is that it shows its true magnificence under the right lighting. Until then, it looks like a classic black hair color.

19. Black Hair With Highlights

You’re sick and tired of having ordinary black hair? Luckily, I’ve got the ultimate solution: add some highlights to spice up your locks. Red, brown, or brown highlights? The choice is all yours and I’m sure you’ll make the right one.

20. Money Piece On Black Hair

All the “it” girls are rocking a money piece on black hair. And for a good reason. Just check out what difference it makes on dull black hair.

21. Black Hair Split Dye

Are you brave enough to ditch the single-toned hair? If the answer is yes, black hair split dye should be your top pick. Let this picture serve you as an inspiration but don’t forget that there are tons of other combinations you can try out as well.

22. Black Peekaboo

If you’re looking to stay on trend while sticking to your favorite hair color, I suggest you venture into a black peek-a-boo under pastel pink. If you’re not afraid to be the center of attention, go for this funky and bold color combo.

23. Balayage On Black Hair

I get it— you want to add some fun to your style but you also want a look that is wearable for every day and the office. Worry not, I’ve got you covered: balayage on black hair is what you’re looking for.

24. Plum Black

Upgrade your black hair with a vibrant shade of purple and get this eye-catching plum black shade. It’s the most flattering for girls with fair skin and cool undertones.

25. Cherry Black

Cherry black is the color of choice for all those strong, daring, and fierce women. It’s the perfect blend of violet and burgundy hair colors and it looks exceptionally good on warm skin undertones.